Top 30 flavors of Oreos ranked from worst to best

OREO Teams Up with Pokémon to Launch their Most Unique Collaboration Yet. Image courtesy OREO
OREO Teams Up with Pokémon to Launch their Most Unique Collaboration Yet. Image courtesy OREO /
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15. Chocolate

If you’re gonna give me a chocolate Oreo flavor, I much prefer the dark chocolate ones that will be talked about later. These on the other hand are just kind of boring. At least put a design on the cookie or make the chocolate cream on the inside a swirl with vanilla (Oreo if you’re reading this, read again make a vanilla chocolate swirl on the inside please, if you haven’t already. If you have, send some to me immediately). Just boring but an okay option if they are out at a party or something.

14. Churro

At first, I thought to myself, “I’ve never tried these before”. However, I remembered that these were a mystery flavor, and then I remember loving these. While I couldn’t necessarily picture a churro when trying these, it tasted like Cinnamon Toast Crunch milk, and that’s quite alright!

13. Golden Thins

These are great, actually! The golden Oreo is so underrated if you ask me. The golden Oreo thin is even more underrated. Again, thins can be quite a hit or miss for me, but these definitely hit the golden Oreo spot.

12. Mint Thins

I love anything mint Oreo and I mean anything. It all started because of a campaign for Miracle Treat Day at Dairy Queen. One of the adorable little kids in the commercial’s favorite all-time blizzard was a mint Oreo one. I tried it and have never turned back. More on the regular-sized mint Oreos later on…

11. Birthday Cake

To some, this can taste kinda sickly and super sweet. To me, these are the perfect little treat to have on your birthday when you wanna spice up your Oreo game just a little bit. Much like anything mint Oreo-flavored, I also am in love with birthday cake-flavored stuff too. Win win for me.