Iron Chef Mexico premiers on Netflix on September 21

Iron Chef Mexico still from Season 1. Image courtesy of Netflix
Iron Chef Mexico still from Season 1. Image courtesy of Netflix /

The words “Iron Chef” have become synonymous with the world of cooking competitions over the last 30 years. Every time you watch two chefs compete against each other on television, the producers owe something to Iron Chef and the format it championed.

The American version of the series was recently resurrected thanks to Netflix as Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend. The reboot gave the world four brand new Iron Chefs to compete in a state of the art Kitchen Stadium for some of the biggest bragging rights in the culinary world.

Well, apparently Netflix want to get more use out of their new Kitchen Stadium because not only did we recently get Iron Chef Brazil but coming on September 21 to the streamer will be the first ever edition of Iron Chef Mexico.

The original Chairman Mark Dacascos will return for Iron Chef Mexico.

For Iron Chef Mexico, the show has brought in a trio of serious heavy hitters in the world of Mexican cuisine to serve as the Chairman’s Iron Chefs. And yes, Mark Dacascos, who has been the Chairman since Iron Chef America arrived on Food Network, is coming along for the ride.

The new Iron Chefs include Roberto Solis, whom many consider a true pioneer and visionary in the world of Mexican cooking. He will be joined by Gabriela Ruiz, owner of the popular restaurant Carmela y Sal in Mexico City and Francisco Ruano, the head chef at Alcalde, considered by many to be one of the best restaurants in all of Mexico.

For those unfamiliar with Iron Chef, each episode one challenger will go up against one of the Chairman’s Iron Chefs in an effort to impress a rotating panel of judges with a secret ingredient to see if their cuisine will reign supreme. In the end one will walk away with the Mythical Katana and be crowned the Legendary Chef.

Iron Chef Mexico will be hosted by singer Paty Cantu and she, along with the Chairman and a number of other notable Latino personalities, will keep the viewers appraised of what the chefs are cooking and how they are using the secret ingredient.

The entire series will be available to watch starting September 21 on Netflix, so make some popcorn and get ready. À La Cuisine!

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