Halloween Baking Championship season 8 episode 2: Cake and boots

Judges Carla Hall, Zac Young, Stephanie Boswell and Host John Henson portrait, as seen on Halloween Baking Championship, Season 8.
Judges Carla Hall, Zac Young, Stephanie Boswell and Host John Henson portrait, as seen on Halloween Baking Championship, Season 8. /

Halloween Baking Championship was back for episode 2 of season 8 and it was all about Puss in Boots and death cakes. You know. The usual. But this week’s episode did have a bit of a twist so let’s get into it.

The Thriller Challenge started off the episode and this time, the bakers had to make Croquembouche that looked like a boot that Puss in Boots might wear. But it had to follow the Halloween theme so most were a bit spooky as well.

The bakers also got a specific type of milk/drink that they had to fill their cream puffs with. The choices were Mexican hot chocolate, peanut butter cream, hazelnut cream, dulce de leche, and pumpkin spice cream.

As a lover of cream puffs, everything looked delicious in this challenge to me. But some of the bakers did better than others and the baker that came out on top was Blaire. She made a black choux pastry and her Croquem-boot looked really spooky and cool.

Halloween Baking Championship celebrated Puss in Boots

Unfortunately, not everyone did well and Marcus was at the bottom this week. And that’s where the twist came in. The person who came in last in the Thriller challenge would not bake in the Killer challenge. They had to wait until the end and go head to head in a sudden death round against the baker who came in last place in the Killer challenge.

But what did the remaining bakers have to do for the Killer challenge? They had to make a Sachertorte that was inspired by a cause of death. A Sachertorte is a chocolate sponge cake with a jam filling and a chocolate glaze.

As for the methods of death, the bakers chose things like malpractice, poison, bee sting, death by elevator, being buried alive, and death by eating too much candy.

Most of the cakes looked amazing and very spooky, but again, one baker had to come out on top and this week, it was Lauren with her death by elevator Sachertorte! This is her second week in a row winning the Killer Challenge.

The person that came in last and that had to go against Marcus in the sudden death round was Jill. Her flavors were all over the place to the point that the judges said her cake didn’t taste like much.

On to sudden death! For this challenge, the bakers had to choose one of the judges’ last wish/death row desserts. Jill picked Carla Hall’s dessert of lemon meringue pie and Marcus chose Stephanie Boswell’s mint chocolate chip sundae.

The two bakers had to make a cupcake inspired by the dessert and the costume of the corresponding judge. Carla was a fortune teller and Stephanie was the rat dragging a piece of pizza through the subway.

Both of these cupcakes looked delicious, but Jill was the one to survive and Marcus was sent to the thirteenth floor.

Next week, the ten remaining bakers will be paired up to make a maze constructed entirely out of cake.

What did you think of this week’s episode of the Halloween Baking Championship? Let us know in the comments below!

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