Halloween Happy Meal Buckets return to McDonald’s

For almost every fast food fan out there, the thought of a McDonald’s Happy Meal is enough to put a smile on almost anyone’s face. There is just something about a cheeseburger, fries and a drink that come in a colorful cardboard container with a toy that was just simple magic.

However, for Halloween in 1986 McDonald’s upped the game by swapping out the cardboard for a cool plastic Halloween pail. The buckets, of which there were three different styles, became instant classics and just mentioning one can induce a wave of nostalgia.

The Halloween buckets were a staple for much of the 1990s where they were tweaked with the times. However, the pails fell out of favor during the 2000s, only making a comeback sporadically and they haven’t been seen at all since 2016.

Return of the McDonald’s Halloween Happy Meal buckets not confirmed yet.

But if a new rumor being reported by the people at Popculture.com is to be believed, the buckets will soon be making their triumphant return to the fast food franchise and in a big way.

They are reporting that according to several McDonald’s employees, the iconic buckets are set to make a return for the 2022 Halloween season. They will begin being available on October 18 and will be on sale until October 31.

At this point it isn’t known if the buckets will be an entirely new design or a reimagining of some of the classic pails of Halloweens gone by. Additionally there is no word if this will be a media tie-in to one of the kid friendly Halloween movies that will be arriving this fall.

The return of the Halloween Happy Meal is long overdue. Kids will love getting a plastic bucket to keep once their finished their dinner. And you can be sure more than a few adults will be buying one for themselves.

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