Chocolove is ready for Fall and Halloween with their Pumpkin Bites

When it comes to delicious chocolates, Chocolove knows how to deliver. They bring the flavors and the seasonal offerings we want every time. And just in time for Fall and Halloween, it is all about the pumpkin (of course!).

Introducing a new set of must-try bites! Chocolove’s Pumpkin Bites. Now, the thing about these is that they come in two flavors and chocolate types, but both are shaped like little chocolate pumpkins.

So what are our flavors and which chocolate is paired with which flavor?

Chocolove is ready for Fall and Halloween with these new bites

Up first is my favorite chocolate – milk chocolate. The 33 percent milk chocolate pumpkin bites are actually Pumpkin Spice bites. And that feels really fitting for these.

The milk chocolate pairs perfectly with the flavors of pumpkin spice. And the fact that these are shaped like pumpkins just makes us smile every time we snag a bite to nibble on.

Then there is the dark chocolate option. For the 55 percent dark chocolate bites, the filling is actually peanut butter. So think of these as a play on dark chocolate peanut butter cups, but even better.

And while we love both of these bags of bites, there is even more to the Chocolove story. That is because these bites are made with chocolate that has been “ethically sourced.”

According to the press email we received,

Chocolove’s Pumpkin Bites are made with traceable cocoa beans; Rainforest Alliance Certified, which certifies people and the planet, meaning the chocolate is sourced using methods that support social, economic and environmental sustainability; and Non GMO Project Verified.

Sounds good right? I know we appreciate knowing this information. And it definitely helps us to be more conscious of the chocolates we are buying.

But what do you think fellow Guilty Eaters? Are you excited for Chocolove’s new Pumpkin Bites? Will you be snagging a bag of these? And which flavor are you the most excited for?