Halloween Cookie Challenge took on “Costumes and Haunted Houses” in episode 2

Hosts Jet Tila and Rosana Pansino, as seen on Halloween Cookie Challenge, Season 1.
Hosts Jet Tila and Rosana Pansino, as seen on Halloween Cookie Challenge, Season 1. /

For the second episode of the Halloween Cookie Challenge, our bakers are taking on two challenges, “Costumes and Haunted Houses.”

In the first round of baking it’s all about interchangeable costume looks for our cookie people. Think of it as having to make costumes that they can take off and on a paper doll, but instead you’re doing it with cookies. But they only have 90 minutes to make it happen.

For the first challenge of this episode of the Halloween Cookie Challenge, we start off with four bakers looking to make it into the final round. One of our cookie bakers, Lauren, is doing a fairy costume, while her other design is all about pumpkins. The next baker is Brian who is making a clown costume cookie and a bakers costume cookie. Up next we have Lisa, a gluten-free baker who is making a pirate costume cookie and a flapper girl costume cookie. Finally we have Bryoni, who is making a scary clown and a fancy cow.

Each of the cookie makers is really thinking outside of the box with their costumes, but three of the four bakers are all using peanut butter as a cookie flavor.

The Halloween Cookie Challenge took on some unique challenges in episode 2

Following the judging of the first round of cookie costumes, which baker ended up going home on the Halloween Cookie Challenge? Sadly, that would be Brian. This left Lauren, Lisa, and Bryoni to battle it out in the Haunted Houses round of the episode.

In this challenge, the bakers have to build cookie haunted houses with two different doughs and they have to use a drinkable spirit in their display.

For Lisa’s haunted house she is baking up a haunted barn. Then we have Lauren who is going to build a haunted hair salon. Finally, Bryoni is baking up haunted apartment towers with a lot of inspiration from New Orleans.

It was truly down to the wire with some of our bakers. And of course, there were some challenges throughout the bake. But all three bakers delivered their own takes on haunted buildings judges.

So which baker won the Halloween Cookie Challenge this time around? The winner of the $10,000 prize was Bryoni with her next level haunted towers!

What did you think Guilty Eaters? Were you a fan of the costumes and haunted houses?

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