Target brings the flavor to their Whipped Toppings thanks to Favorite Day

Target Whipped Toppings. Image courtesy Kimberley Spinney
Target Whipped Toppings. Image courtesy Kimberley Spinney /

It’s our Favorite Day! When we think of whipped cream, what comes to mind? Lately it has been Target and their Favorite Day line of Whipped Toppings.

One of the big things we love when it comes to these Target whipped creams is the variety of flavors we can snag. Because it’s not just about that classic whipped cream life.

With the help of Target we are shaking things up (literally) and adding some fun flavors to the tops of pies, our pudding cups, pancakes, and even cups of coffee. And sure you could snag the Original Whipped Dairy Topping or you could opt for their Extra Creamy. But that’s not all.

Target adds flair and flavor to whipped cream with their Favorite Day line of Whipped Toppings

Target Whipped Toppings. Image courtesy Kimberley Spinney /

Yes, the Original and Extra Creamy are delicious, but you know what else is next level? The Pumpkin Spice Whipped Topping! This flavor is pumpkin spice without being too much. It is is perfect for topping pumpkin pie, coffees, and more. If you can get your hands on a can of this whipped cream and you love PSL season, you absolutely need to try this one!

Next we have the other perfect Fall flavor – Maple Vanilla Whipped Topping. As someone who loves maple syrup and maple flavors, this was a true winner. It was perfect for pancakes and waffles, but it was also nice on coffees and pies. Basically, it was delicious and magical and we would snag this one every single time.

And the last (at least for the Fall) flavor of Whipped Topping is their Marshmallow flavor. And this was fascinating! This is great for fans of s’mores and Fluff. It has a light and delicate flavor, but really does scream marshmallow. For this Whipped Topping it was truly all about the hot chocolate because it just worked so perfectly.

Honestly, we are so glad that we had the opportunity to finally try the flavored whipped toppings from Target because it has inspired us so much. These cans of Whipped Toppings are elevating everything this Fall and we are here for that. We are loving adding these to our coffees, our desserts, and even straight out of the can (because no we are not too old to spray whipped cream straight into our mouth).

But we want to know if you have tried these Favorite Day Whipped Toppings from Target? Are you a fan of the different flavors? If you have tried them, do you have a favorite? We want to know what you think of these canned whipped creams!

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