Halloween Baking Championship season 8 episode 6: Eyeballs and identical twins

Halloween Baking Championship - Courtesy discovery
Halloween Baking Championship - Courtesy discovery /

Halloween Baking Championship season 8 was back on Food Network with episode 6 and it was all about eyeballs and evil twins. What else could you expect from a Halloween baking competition?

The episode started with the bakers being tasked with making an upside-down cake that looked like an eyeball. But while they could use any fruit they liked, they couldn’t use pineapple. That would be too easy. The bakers used items like apples, raspberries, grapefruit, and even zucchini to create the eyeball look.

The cakes looked as delicious as they did creepy. Some of them were even jiggly which was horrifying. But one cake came out on top and that was Alexey and his matcha mango and blackberry cake with blood orange crème Anglaise.

On to the Killer challenge! For this challenge, the bakers were put in teams of two and tasked with making identical cakes on the outside but different flavors on the inside. The designs also had to be based on the evil twins in The Shining. The teams consisted of Alexey and Jill, Zac and Lauren, and Blayre and Kristi.

Halloween Baking Championship was all about evil twins this week

Alexey and Jill made creepy portrait cakes, Zac and Lauren made very creepy bed cakes, and Blayre and Kristi made scary child drawing cakes. Some of the cakes looked more alike than others and in the end, Kristi and Blayre came out on top with two cakes that looked shockingly similar.

And unfortunately, someone had to go home and this week, it was Alexey. His cake had uneven proportions and his and Jill’s cake didn’t match as much as the judges would have liked.

As we get closer to the finale, seeing the bakers go home has become harder and harder. Especially with how skilled the remaining bakers are.

Next week, the bakers will have to make desserts based on classic cocktails and then make cakes inspired by their worst nightmares.

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