Ranking the 10 best Mr. Christie cookies

KIEV, UKRAINE - 2020/01/07: Oreo Enrobed Chocolate Chip Cookies with Vanilla Flavor seen in a store shelf. (Photo by Igor Golovniov/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)
KIEV, UKRAINE - 2020/01/07: Oreo Enrobed Chocolate Chip Cookies with Vanilla Flavor seen in a store shelf. (Photo by Igor Golovniov/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images) /

In Canada, all Nabisco cookies are branded as Mr. Christie cookies (also crackers), and they sure are a treat worth looking forward to. Today we’ve decided to take a look at the top 10 Mr. Christie cookies on the market.

William Mellis Christie founded the Christie, Brown and Company bakery in 1853 with his business partner, Alexander Brown. According to Wikipedia, it was in 1928 that Nabisco purchased the Christie, Brown and Company, yet they still label the cookies Mr. Christie in Canada, as stated.

Of course we can go on and on about the history of the great minds that first baked these tasty treats, but how about we get down to it and start ranking some of the greatest cookies this company has ever unleashed onto our guilty eating society instead?

10. Social Tea

Hey…not everyone out there is a tea drinker. Myself, I like a cup of tea every now and again, sure, but coffee is as necessary for me as the air I breath. If I could inject a caffeine IV into myself, I probably would.

But you don’t have to be a tea drinker to enjoy Social Tea cookies by Mr. Christie. They pack a lot of flavor in a couple of simple bites, and are just sweet enough to please that sweet tooth you might have.

9. Nilla Cookies

Again, very simple cookies, but sometimes that taste of vanilla on a simple crumbly cookie can definitely go a long way. These are particularly good as a crumble crust beneath a cheesecake; especially if you’re going for that New York style cheesecake.

8. Teddy Grahams

Okay, don’t laugh, but when I was a kid I used to eat these like cereal. They had chocolate and graham cracker back then and still do I believe, and with milk, these were an epic breakfast I thoroughly enjoyed while watching Saturday morning wrestling.

You don’t have to overload on them as I did though. They’re perfect for taking along on a trek as well, perhaps exploring the forest near your home. Just watch out for real bears; they might smell the honey baked into these bite-sized morsels of joy and want to share. I say you leave them a pile of the honey-flavored ones for later.

7. Arrowroot

Again simplicity reigns supreme here, but sometimes you don’t want to overdo it with the sweetness. However, these are especially good if crumbled over some vanilla ice cream to completely crush my previous point.

6. Chewy Chips Ahoy

Okay, this is a battle that has been waged for many years, and I must admit, in the choice between chewy chocolate chip cookies or crunchy ones, I’m sorry, but I’m on the chewy side of the battle. And these ones here by Mr. Christie, are the perfect consistency for us chewy chocolate chip lovers.

5. Maple Leaf

And how appropriate for a cookie company that started up North in Canada, to have a cookie dedicated to its national tree, the maple leaf tree?

The cream at the center is the piece de resistance, as it is maple syrup flavored. The cookies themselves that sandwich the cream d’erable are also perfect and are the perfect accompaniment to that maple syrup flavor.

4. Fig Newtons

What can I say about these? When you’re a kid, they were pretty much Grandma’s favorite cookie. Back then you probably wanted some of the more flavorful cookies, like the ones we are about to explore, but when you went over, these were the ones your poor old Grandma put out every time.

This cookie you appreciate a little more as you leave teenage hood behind though. I remember hating these as a kid. One day back in college though, I skipped lunch and stayed in the library working on a paper, and by the time it came around to dinner, I was famished. By that time though, the cafeteria was closed and all that was open was a service station down by the road off campus.

I wanted something sweet, and all they had were candy bars I had no interest in, and in the aisles I found these. I purchased the package, and as I walked back to the library on that cool autumn evening, I ate the whole box and you know what…they were delicious all of a sudden, and yes, I thought of old grandma Joe as I enjoyed them.

3. Pirate

Okay…so peanut butter is king and rules all. There I said it. I love peanut butter. I even like it on my dumplings. So, what do you think I’ll make of a cookie that is packed with peanut butter flavor that at the same time isn’t overpowering?

Exactly…a masterpiece, dear readers.

2. Fudgeeos

And I’m sure you feel the same about chocolate as I feel about peanut butter. These are interestingly enough so chocolaty, but at the same time, Mr. Christie hasn’t overdone it with these. They’re just right—an expression I’ve used a few times in this piece, but what else could I say about the best of the best cookie-wise?

1. Oreos

The main man: The Oreo. These I liked when I was a kid, when I was a teenager, and even now, they’re a cookie I can’t get away from. It also happens to be my favorite flavor ice cream, in the carton, at McDonald’s and yes, even at DQ. Long live the Oreo, dear readers.

The cream is a perfect balance that reminds me of crème au beurre—the good kind—and the dense dark chocolate chips are the perfect companion to that cream.

dark. Next. What’s in KFC coleslaw?

What are some of your favorite cookies? Did they make the list?