Fannie May adds a new line of decadent chocolate bars to their offerings

Fannie May Bar Milk Chocolate Butterscotch. Image courtesy Fannie May
Fannie May Bar Milk Chocolate Butterscotch. Image courtesy Fannie May /

When it comes to decadent and delicious chocolate treats, Fannie May delivers every single time. And now, they are taking things to the next level of deliciousness by offering a line of must try chocolate bars.

I love Fannie May Chocolates. In the past I have waxed poetic about their S’mores Snack Mix and even their Peanut Butter Pretzel Snack Mix. But in 2022, they are giving us something new to fall in love with – Chocolate Bars! (Listen we channeled Miranda Priestly and her “groundbreaking” moment a bit with this news too, but then we tried them for ourselves.)

As the press release from Fannie May explained, these are the first ever premium chocolate bars from the brand and when we say they went all out, we mean it.

Not only do they have Milk Chocolate based bars, but they are also making sure that the Dark Chocolate lovers have something for their own taste buds to enjoy. There are four flavors to choose from, with two being in a Milk Chocolate and two being in the Dark Chocolate.

Fannie May takes decadence to the next level with four new chocolate bars

Fannie May
Fannie May Candies. Image courtesy Fannie May /

So what are these four flavors?

  • Milk Chocolate Butterscotch with Sea Salt (This was my favorite flavor of the four and I can admit that I didn’t share a single square of this bar.)
  • Milk Chocolate Pecan Brittle (This was delicious as well, but it does help that I am a milk chocolate lover.)
  • Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Almond (In terms of the dark chocolate flavors, this was my favorite because you can never go wrong with an almond chocolate bar.)
  • Dark Chocolate Mint & Cookie (Move over Thin Mints, we have a new love interest!)

Honestly, we loved all four of these chocolate bars and we are pretty excited by the fact that Fannie May is getting into the business of chocolate bars. These are perfect for the holidays as little stocking stuffers or even as gifts for hosts and hostesses who welcome you into their home.

We are pretty excited to see what flavors might come next, but even with just these four flavors Fannie May is making it easy to enjoy their delicious chocolates in all new ways.

Are you a fan of Fannie May chocolates? What is your favorite treat from their lineup? What do you think of them adding chocolate bars to their offerings? We want to know.

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