Pillsbury releases their take on the “Ugly Christmas Sweater”

Pillsbury’s new limited-edition holiday sweater. Image courtesy Pillsbury
Pillsbury’s new limited-edition holiday sweater. Image courtesy Pillsbury /

Is there anything cuter than the Pillsbury Doughboy and his little giggle when you touch his tummy? Probably not. And yet, this holiday season we are channeling the iconic “Ugly Christmas Sweater” with the help of Pillsbury.

Now don’t get me wrong, we think this sweater is super cute and it definitely brings the fun with a button that actually lets you hear the Doughboy’s signature laugh “hoo hoo.” But, at the same time, this sweater is also perfect for those ugly sweater parties because it really is a bit over the top.

The sweater will cost you $75 from the Shop Pillsbury site and you will want to snag one while supplies last, because once they are gone, they are gone. And yes, we definitely see this one selling out! But there is so much more to this sweater than just the way it looks!

Pillsbury channels the ‘Ugly Christmas Sweater’ with the help of their Doughboy

Pillsbury’s new limited-edition holiday sweater. Image courtesy Pillsbury /

According to the press release we received about this adorable sweater (I can’t call it ugly!),

"The magic of the holidays is right up your sleeve with Pillsbury’s new limited-edition holiday sweater. To celebrate aniconic holiday menu staple, the sweater features a scannable Pillsbury crescent roll on the left-hand sleeve. Simply hold your smart phone to the NFC chip sewn into the crescent roll on the sweater to unlock fan-favorite seasonal recipes, holiday playlists, tips for baking and inspiration to bring even more magic to the holidays!"

That’s right! On top of being able to steal the show at the next Christmas party with your sweater, you can also spread the magic of holiday recipes! It’s the sweater that keeps on giving.

Now I don’t know about anyone else, but this sweater might just be the start of a whole new tradition. Whether we get our baking done while wearing this sweater or not, this is definitely a must for any Pillsbury lover.

Keep the fun in the kitchen this holiday season with Pillsbury and make sure you show off your Doughboy love with the perfect sweater too.

What do you say Guilty Eaters? Is this a must-have “Ugly Christmas Sweater?” Will you be snagging one of these for your holiday collection?

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