The Salt & Straw Thanksgiving series is back!

Salt & Straw’s Thanksgiving Series. Image courtesy Salt & Straw
Salt & Straw’s Thanksgiving Series. Image courtesy Salt & Straw /

Think about your favorite Thanksgiving dishes. The turkey is moist. The mashed potatoes with gravy and cornbread stuffing are piping hot.  And the pumpkin pie is standing by. But before you stuff yourself on that special holiday, the rest of your November just got a little sweeter with the return of the Salt & Straw Thanksgiving series!

Salt & Straw is known for their unique ice cream flavors and limited edition holiday collections. For those unfamiliar with last year’s series, it was a five-course Thanksgiving menu…in ice cream form. The Thanksgiving series was so popular, that the ice cream chain is bringing it back again this year. Starting this Friday, November 4th, fans can shop the collection online or taste the flavors in person at any of the Salt & Straw scoop shops. The five pint collection will cost $85 and can be shipped nationwide.

The Salt & Straw Thanksgiving series has a nice combination of sweet and savory flavors. This five-course “meal” takes you from rolls to dessert!

The Salt & Straw Thanksgiving series is back!

Salt & Straw
Salt & Straw’s Thanksgiving Series. Image courtesy Salt & Straw /

So what flavors will you find in the Thanksgiving series? In a recent press email, we got all of the delicious details. Similar to the other ice cream series, there is one vegan flavor. Plus, they have a brand new flavor addition to the collection!

"Parker House Rolls w/ Salted Buttercream: What’s a holiday feast without warm, fluffy rolls? We carb-load by gently folding buttered rolls topped with flaky sea salt into a salted butter ice cream to double down on the savory, making this simple side the most coveted. It’s rich, it’s decadent, and it’s as classic as it gets.Caramelized Turkey & Cranberry Sauce: The main dish has met its match. Crispy turkey bacon folded into a caramelized brittle with thyme and freshly ground cubeb pepper is swirled with a sweet and jammy housemade cranberry sauce. The tartness from the cranberry cuts through the smoky turkey bacon from our friends at Diestel Farms for the transcendent trifecta of sweet, savory, and bitter.Roasted Peach & Sage Cornbread Stuffing: In this classic twist on stuffing, we ditch bread cubes for molasses-y, crumbly cornbread cookies and bring that classic herbiness by steeping sweet cream with fresh sage. Dollops of tart peach jam simmered with warm spices and honey balsamic vinegar brighten it all up for a balanced, woodsy ice cream.Pumpkin & Gingersnap Pie (vegan): Our secret to pumpkin spice? A heavy pinch of sea salt and allspice added to a classic blend for a warmer, more complex flavor. We spike ultra-luscious coconut cream with our special blend and Vermont maple syrup to achieve the silkiest, custardiest pumpkin pie ice cream. Bits of molasses-infused gingersnap pie crust is tossed in for a delectable crunch.Mom’s Mango Pie (NEW!): This ice cream represents the diversity of Thanksgiving traditions with the help of musician Hrishikesh Hirway, and his mom. Realizing her secret recipe translated perfectly to ice cream, we didn’t change much. Mango pureé blended with tangy cream cheese and fluffy whipped cream creates a silky sweet curd reminiscent of her pie filling. Crumbles of salty graham cracker crust are layered throughout a rich, caramelized ice cream for a cultural mash-up that’ll be the standout star of your next Thanksgiving spread."

I wasn’t able to personally sample the Salt & Straw Thanksgiving series last year, so I’m curious how a Parker House roll tastes in ice cream form. As a fan of all things mango flavored, Mom’s Mango Pie has me drooling in anticipation!

As with all of their holiday series releases, these flavors will be available for a limited time only. So hurry to your nearest Salt & Straw to give these flavors a try!

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Were you able to sample the Salt & Straw Thanksgiving series last year? Which of the flavors sounds the tastiest to you? And will you be giving the series a try this year? Let us know in the comments below.