The Butterball Turkey Talk-Line is officially open

Freddie Prinze Jr at the Butterball Turkey Talk Line, photo provided by Butterball Turkey
Freddie Prinze Jr at the Butterball Turkey Talk Line, photo provided by Butterball Turkey /

It’s Thanksgiving morning. You’ve woken up early to get a head start on the long list of things that needs to get done before Aunt Cheryl shows up and tells you how “quaint” your apartment is. First up is the Butterball turkey that has been defrosting in the fridge.

You take the Butterball out and can hear your Dad in the back of your mind scolding you for buying a frozen turkey in the first place. You put the turkey on the counter, take a good look at it and suddenly realize with a growing sense of terror…

You have no clue how to cook a 22 pound turkey.

Butterball and the Turkey Talk-Line experts are here to help with your questions.

Lucky for you and every other would be chef this holiday season, Butterball once again has your back. According to the press email we at Guilty Eats received, their Turkey Talk-Line is once again open for business and waiting and eager to help.

From now until Christmas Eve, the authorities on all things turkey and there to assist you with just about anything you need. Want to know the best sides to serve with your turkey? They got this. What size turkey to get for your 30 member family including Cousin George who eats twice as much as everyone else? They have your answer.

In addition, you can go to Butterball’s new and improved website which covers a lot of the basics you may need to know before you even head to the supermarket. It’s overflowing with resources from when you pick your bird to however you may want to prepare it.

You can call, text, email, use social media or even ask Amazon’s Alexa in you need help this holiday season. Butterball has really made it that easy. So you have zero excuse not to buy that bird and make a feast that will definitely impress your In-Laws, even if they still think their son could have done better.

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Are you planning to use the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line this holiday season Guilty Eaters? Leave a comment below and let us know or join the conversation on our Twitter and Facebook pages.