Top 10 items you need to get on the Friendly’s menu

circa 1950: Two girls buy a '10,000 Calorie Sundae' ice cream from Blair Parson's store in Lynchburg, Virginia. (Photo by Evans/Three Lions/Getty Images)
circa 1950: Two girls buy a '10,000 Calorie Sundae' ice cream from Blair Parson's store in Lynchburg, Virginia. (Photo by Evans/Three Lions/Getty Images) /

It was back in Springfield, Massachusetts that this popular restaurant chain was founded. It goes all the way back to 1935, and since then it has pleased the masses with consistently delicious food and great service. Today we’ll be taking a look at 10 of the absolute best menu items to make sure you order next time you’re at Friendly’s.

Did you know?

According to a piece at, the first ever Friendly’s location served only ice cream. Now, they are rather known for their delicious ice cream options—some of which have made our list here today—they did add savory food by the time they opened a second location.

But just which Friendly’s menu items made our list today? Read on to find out…

Now I’m not going to lie. I probably could have gone for a few more items on this list, but I am a tad short on time, so trust me when I say, there are quite a few more tasty treats offered over at your local Friendly’s should you stop on by. These options here are the ‘super’ stand-outs if you will—if excellence in execution and taste makes them a standout, and a ‘super’ one at that.

10. Tater Kegs

If you’ve never tried these, you’re sure missing out, dear readers. Little bulbs—actually they’re pretty big—of potato goodness complete with bacon, cheddar, chives, served with sour cream (of course), and did I mention bacon? What more could you ask for to start a meal?

9. Loaded Waffle Fries

You haven’t lived until you’ve tried a waffle fry at Friendly’s, and topped with none other than a cheddar cheese sauce, bacon again, and even the aforementioned sour cream, the good people at Friendly’s have found something to rival even poutine…and I’m from Montreal.

Some people would say that’s sacrilegious; perhaps even a tad insane to admit, but don’t worry about me, dear readers…when this piece comes out, I’ll turn out the lights and bar the windows…I should be good…. Then again, pray for me.

8. Munchie Mania

Have you ever showed up to a restaurant and can’t decide what it is you want exactly? Have no fear, your local Friendly’s has got your back. Why not start with this starter that is complete with many treats?

On this platter, you’ve got any choice of three starters all in one serving. Myself, I always go for the cheeseburger sliders, the loaded waffle fries, and their delicious mozzarella sticks.

7. Doritos Cool Ranch Chopped Cheese Burger

Okay so sometimes you want the taste factor of a burger to take you over the edge of taste and even reason, and this one here does that, dear readers… I mean Doritos—that epic Cool Ranch flavor—on a chopped cheeseburger. Talk about a flavor combo you soon won’t forget and will be returning to experience again before the week is out…maybe even again and again before the month is out.

6. Oven Roasted Beef Brisket

Sometimes there’s nothing like a roasted beef dinner, and brisket takes the cake. So tender, juicy and kind of reminds me of old school diners on the side of a dusty road. Kind of makes you feel like you’re home and not at all out there in the big bad world…something that a restaurant should do, and they at Friendly’s get me every time with this dish.

5. Friendley’s BLT

Probably the simplest of sandwiches, but the expression ‘…if it isn’t broken, why fix it?’ …it certainly comes to mind. Sometimes simplicity is great and just what the doctor ordered.

It’s kind of like a salami sandwich on simple white bread…not too many frills but takes you where you need to be. If the lettuce in a BLT is crispy, as is the bacon, the tomato juicy and the mayo authentic…what better sandwich exists?

4. Superman Sundae

I promised you ice cream and Friendly’s delivers big time in this department. The Superman Sundae is one I first ordered because of its name…and yes I am a Superman fan, but the taste kept me coming back for more.

3. Strawberry Shortcake Sundae

Okay, so I know chocolate and vanilla ice cream go together like peanut butter and jam, but speaking of jam, to my estimation there is no greater flavor combination on the sweet side of the culinary equator than vanilla and strawberry…and what better way to bring those two tastes together than on an ice cream sundae? Add some shortcake to the mix and whoa…you’ve got magic.

2. Clam Strips Platter

Okay, so wherever I eat I’ve gotta have a seafood option, and Friendly’s has many delicious options in the seafood department, but the only thing as good as fried shrimp dear readers, is friend clams.

They do them justice big time and they take me back to weekends at the beach, sipping a lemon beer and I don’t know, plunging into bucket after bucket of fried clams in between swimming in the surf. Ah….

1. Bacon Mac N Cheese Burger

Okay, I often talk about flavor combos. I mean just look at the title of this entry…this menu item offered at Friendly’s…. I literally just stared at the screen, my eyes blinking like Homer Simpson for five minutes at a loss of what to write…so I’ll simply say: The creators of the Friendly’s menu are geniuses, plain and simple.

There’s nothing plain or simple about this burger, however. Certainly an explosion of flavor and it brings together the worlds of pasta and burgers harmoniously. Thank you Friendly’s menu creators!

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What are some of your favorite menu items at Friendly’s, Guilty Eaters? Let us know.