Bake Anime is the perfect cookbook for fans of baking and Anime

Bake Anime: 75 Sweet Recipes Spotted In—and Inspired by—Your Favorite Anime (A Cookbook) By Emily J Bushman. Image courtesy of Simon & Schuster
Bake Anime: 75 Sweet Recipes Spotted In—and Inspired by—Your Favorite Anime (A Cookbook) By Emily J Bushman. Image courtesy of Simon & Schuster /

If you love Anime and baking, then we have the perfect cookbook for you. Not only can you create sweet treats inspired by your favorite shows, but there’s more to this cookbook than that.

This cookbook features 75 recipes that will inspire any Anime lover out there. Not only are there recipes that are actually inspired by treats seen in Anime, but there are recipes dedicated to the shows, movies, and more with stories that explain how the recipe relates to the Anime. Bake Anime is a love letter to the food of Anime and we are here for that.

The book is broken is broken into a few different sections including Japanese Desserts, Non-Japanese Desserts, and Anime-Inspired Desserts. There is an introduction section that introduces you to the author of the cookbook, Emily J. Bushman, and what lead to the creation of this collection of recipes. However, the introduction is also a great thing for beginning bakers too because there is the “Sugar Lover’s Pantry” which is a guide to ingredients from the book, and there is even a “Tools of the Trade” section that walks you through cooking tools and even pans that would be needed.

Basically, this book is perfect for new bakers, seasoned bakers, and anyone who wants to get creative in the kitchen.

Bake Anime is the perfect cookbook for bakers who want to have some fun in the kitchen

Some of my favorite recipes from this cookbook include the:

  • Ichigo Daifuku (Inspired by March Comes in Like a Lion) – This is a relatively easy one to make although the ingredients were a bit more challenging (good thing we have Amazon) and it ended up being a delicious treat.
  • Nerikiri (Inspired by Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card) – This is actually a traditional Japanese treat that has been kept popular thanks to social media and the Insta-worthy designs that are often made with these treats. (This was a lesson in patience and perseverance and I loved every second of it.)
  • Milk Caramels (Inspired by Dagashi Kashi) – I just think if a cookbook has a recipe for caramels, then you have to give them a try. So I did and I loved it.
  • Mikan Ame (Inspired by After the Rain) – Honestly, this one felt like cheating because it is all about adding a little extra to a fruit that is already delicious.
  • Lemon-Almond Chiffon Cake (Inspired by Spirited Away) – I love lemon and almond so I had to give this one a try. The fact that I am familiar with this Anime and the fact that the cake is never truly defined in the story made this one an easy fit for the story.
  • Mini Sacher Tortes (Inspired by My Love Story!!) – I had to make these when I saw them in the cookbook because this is a dessert that my mother has loved since she was a child. And with the help of this recipe I was able to create something that even my mother teared up over. (I promise the tears weren’t of horror.)
  • Stamped Cookies (Inspired by Sailor Moon Supers: The Movie) – This was a rather easy recipe that was also a lot of fun to make. It also meant creating a treat that seems to be perfect for the holidays, special occasions, and so much more. I call that a win.

Honestly, with 75 recipes in this cookbook there is a treat for everyone. And while this is just seven of the recipes offered, they were definitely ones that we were excited for. In fact, we can’t wait to bake up a few more Anime-inspired treats from the Bake Anime cookbook because we know that they will be fun, delicious, and maybe even a little inspiring.

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