Holiday Baking Championship: Gingerbread Showdown season 2 episode 2 recap

Portrait of Nancy Fuller, Jesse Palmer, Carla Hall and Duff Goldman, as seen on Holiday Baking Championship, Season 7.
Portrait of Nancy Fuller, Jesse Palmer, Carla Hall and Duff Goldman, as seen on Holiday Baking Championship, Season 7. /

Holiday Baking Championship: Gingerbread Showdown season 2 was back for the second episode and it was filled with as much stress and drama as a Real Housewives episode. People were not getting along, keeping secrets, and things were falling apart. It was a mess.

This week, three new bakers and their assistants were welcomed to the kitchen by host and judge Carla Hall. She tasked them with baking a gingerbread creation that showed the elves of the North Pole getting into all kinds of mischief.

The bakers this week included Annissa Cheyne and Justine Martin, Meghan Morris and Esther Morris, and Donna Rorabaugh and Joffre Noguer.

Annissa and Justine made an elf carnival where the elves went rogue, Meghan and Esther made a gingerbread spa for the elves, and Donna and Joffre showed the elves making trouble in Santa’s workshop.

Holiday Baking Championship: Gingerbread Showdown was filled with drama

All the final creations looked amazing but it was during the making of the gingerbread masterpieces that the drama occurred. It all started with Annissa and Justine and some stairs. Justine was spraying painting the stiars and Annissa thought the color was too dark but despite her being the head baker in this relationship, Justine would not listen. The drama!

Next, was Donna and Joffre. If your baking assistant is named after a famous villain, you need to watch out. They were working on the floors of Santa’s workshop and Joffre declared that he could work the saw. He did fine until at the last minute, he moved the saw and it took a big chunk out of the floor.

This could have been fixed…if he had told Donna the truth. But, nope, he told her it all worked out fine. Cut to the floor collapsing. I may or may not have been screaming at the television.

Nothing too huge happened with Esther and Meghan but they were mother and daughter and had clearly worked with each other forever.

There was also a twist thrown in where the assistants had to make a spicy dessert that went with their theme.

But who won? Joffre won for his spicy dessert so he won a bunch of new bakeware but Annissa and Justine took the overall win and received $10,000. Their display was truly Christmas-y and they included elves with different skin tones which is always wonderful to see!

Next week, the next three bakers will have to show off the feud between Santa Clause and Jack Frost. Apparently, their rivalry has been going on for centuries.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Holiday Baking Championship: Gingerbread Showdown? Let us know in the comments below!

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