Is Publix open Thanksgiving Day 2022?

We’ve all been there – that moment when you realize that you forgot the butter or eggs for your recipe. Now you need a Publix run for some last minute groceries.

The problem with this is that it’s Thanksgiving Day when you realize that you are missing some essentials and with it being a holiday, there are plenty of stores (and restaurants) that are actually closed. So even though you may need some groceries to finish those turkey day dishes, the big question is can you actually head to the grocery store and snag what you need.

So that leads us to Publix and the question of whether or not they will be open for Thanksgiving.

Is Publix closed on Thanksgiving Day 2022?

If you are looking to get some grocery shopping done on Thanksgiving Day, Publix is not going to be there for you. Unfortunately for last minute shoppers, Publix is closed on November 24.

As Publix shoppers, this doesn’t come as a big surprise as they were closed for Thanksgiving and Christmas in 2021, so this makes sense to us. And according to an NBC affiliate out of Tampa,

Publix will be closed on Thanksgiving per its traditional policy. The chain closes all stores on Thanksgiving to let employees enjoy the holiday at home.

While the grocery store will reopen its doors for normal business hours on November 25, that does leave you with the problem of those missing ingredients or necessities. If it is butter that you are missing, we have an answer to that, but if not and you need to make a trip to a store to pick up groceries, you will need to find somewhere else that is open for the holiday (if you live near a Kroger too then you are in luck!).

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