Is Subway open on Thanksgiving? (2022)

Subway is America’s favorite sandwich, at least by store count.

When looking at the number of shops that are around, it engulfs both Jimmy John’s and Jersey Mikes Subs, their two closest competitors. Though things may not be so good at the sprawling chain right now, there are right many people who still head to Subway for lunch to get enjoy their footlong subs.

So, the question that needs to be asked here is, whether or not the restaurant chain will be open for Thanksgiving; and the answer to that question is a bit complicated.

Is Subway closed on Thanksgiving? (2022)

If you don’t feel like cooking a big dinner this year or simply weren’t able to travel out for the holiday this year, you can turn to Subway for a tasty treat instead! The fast food chain will be open this year on the holiday, well at least some stores will be.

The brand’s hours of operation will vary which means you’re going to want to check your local Subway to confirm if they’ll be open or if they’ll be among the locations closing for the holiday. After all, the last thing you’ll want to do is drive out to your nearest location only to find that they’re among the locations closed for the holiday.

If you’re not sure where your local Subway is or if your nearest location is closed, you can figure out alternative locations via the store locator tool on the brand’s official website. As you head out, we hope you have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.