Yobo_Kish: A new line of soju aperitifs from Chef Kristen Kish

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Chef Kristen Kish is not new to the culinary world. Many of us know her as Bravo TV’s Top Chef Seattle winner (season 10). Since that win, she’s written the cookbook Kristen Kish Cooking, has been host of Travel Channel’s 36 Hours, competed as one of the three chefs on TruTV’s Fast Foodies and, most recently, is co-host of Netflix’s Iron Chef: Quest for an Iron Legend alongside Alton Brown. We can safely say she’s been pretty busy. This year, she’s also added “Spirits Creator” to her resume with Yobo_Kish, her new line of soju aperitifs.

Soju is a Korean distilled alcoholic beverage. It’s been compared to Japanese sake and also referred to as “Korean vodka.” The spirit is traditionally made from rice but can also be made with sweet potato, barley and other grains. The clear liquor is often consumed as a shot.

Carolyn Kim founded Yobo Soju in 2015. It’s the first American-made craft soju produced in the New York Finger Lakes region and has four different lines of soju, including the newest, Yobo_Kish.

Yobo_Kish is chef Kristen Kish’s new line of soju aperitifs

Kish has partnered with Yobo Soju to create a line of modern aperitifs, Yobo_Kish that debuted this past October. In a recent press release, Kish noted: “I’m thrilled to unveil my line of aperitifs inspired by my passion for food, the many journeys of my life, and my Korean American heritage. A family of four aperitifs, each have its own story to tell pulling from specific memories and moments that I cherish. It’s an honor to share my stories with you.”

The four soju-based aperitif varieties each has a unique name and flavor profile. They include Bliss (sour cherry pink peppercorn licorice), Shine (kumquat rose ginger), Earth (smoked mushroom umami) and Seoul (hibiscus lemon balm raw honey). Kish has created a variety of cocktails that feature her aperitifs.

Looking to purchase Yobo_Kish? You can currently purchase them online at Reserve Bar for $38.99 (750 ml) and $20.99 (375 ml). They will soon be available in select markets throughout the country.

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