Mary Berry gets us ready for the holidays with her Ultimate Christmas special

MARY BERRY'S ULTIMATE CHRISTMAS. Credit: Courtesy of Cody Burridge for Plank PR
MARY BERRY'S ULTIMATE CHRISTMAS. Credit: Courtesy of Cody Burridge for Plank PR /

Mary Berry’s Ultimate Christmas special is heading to PBS on December 19 and with it, plenty of tips, tricks, and recipes to get us holiday ready. And luckily for us, we have a little bit of a preview of one of the recipes that Mary Berry will be walking viewers through on the special.

In the clip that we received early thanks to our friends at PBS, we get to learn how to make a savory scone perfect for the holidays and beyond. And as an added bonus, this is a recipe that can be made in advance and actually frozen/refrigerated before baking them and serving them to your hungry family and friends.

In Mary Berry’s Ultimate Christmas special, she and some of her friends will help guide us in planning, prepping, and cooking up a delicious Christmas feast. With three courses and a number of delicious dishes, this is a special you won’t want to miss if you want to elevate your holidays to a whole new level of flavors and magic.

Mary Berry guides us on how to make a savory mini scone that will delight your taste buds

With this 4.5 minute clip, we get a little background on why Mary Berry likes these mini scones. She also points out all the things we need to know (beyond just the ingredients themselves) in order to make these scones turn out perfectly.

Once you see the final results, you may just want to make them even bigger or even keep them all to yourself. With plenty of cheese and even a fresh bit of jam on top, these mini scones may become your new favorite holiday treat.

Check out this first look clip at these mini scones here:

What do you think fellow foodies? Are you ready to learn more from Mary Berry this holiday season? Will you be tuning into her Ultimate Christmas special to get more recipes? And what do you think of this easy but delicious recipe? We want to know.

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