5 Cookbooks to gift the foodies in your life

Julia Rutland’s THE CHRISTMAS MOVIE COOKBOOK: Recipes from Your Favorite Holiday Films. Image courtesy S&S/Simon Element
Julia Rutland’s THE CHRISTMAS MOVIE COOKBOOK: Recipes from Your Favorite Holiday Films. Image courtesy S&S/Simon Element /

As avid readers there is something about a physical copy of a cookbook that makes us happy. And as foodies, cookbooks actually make amazing gifts.

When it comes to finding interesting cookbooks, there are a ton on the market, so you might be looking for inspiration as to what to give this holiday season. Luckily, we have some ideas thanks to a number of recent releases that we are obsessed with!

In fact, at least one of these cookbooks screams Christmas, after all it is called the Christmas Movie Cookbook! (And yes, if that sounds familiar, you are correct. We wrote about this one back in September when it was released.)

So what cookbooks are we recommending as gifts for the foodies in your life this holiday season?

5 Cookbooks to give as gifts this holiday season

  • Christmas Movie Cookbook – We have used this cookbook multiple times this holiday season and it is amazing. Whether we are pairing recipes to the movies that inspired them or just trying to add a little bit of fun to dinner time, this is a fun cookbook for foodies and Christmas movie fans. These recipes will remind you of your favorite movies, moments, and they will even help in creating new memories.
  • The Unofficial Universal Theme Parks Cookbook – If you have ever seen the line of “Unofficial” cookbooks and wondered if they were worth picking up, I am here to say yes. I got the chance to try some of the recipes in The Unofficial Universal Theme Parks Cookbook and it was a blast. Not only are there recipes inspired by some of our favorite franchises, but this is a cookbook broken down by the meal or type of recipe you will be whipping up. Want desserts or appetizers? They have those. Need a fun (and delicious) entree? They have those too. One of my favorite recipes in the cookbook is the Mile High Apple Pie, which is a recipe that will make fans of Richter’s Burger Co. smile.
  • The “I Love Cookies” Recipe Book – I love cookies and I love recipes for cookies. And this cookbook is like a love letter to cookies. For bakers and foodies alike, this feels like a must have for any cookbook collection. There were some classics and some new ones for us to fall in love with. With 100 recipes to choose from, you can bake your way through over three months of cookie magic without making the same cookie twice. (Yes, we have thought about it and maybe that will be our New Year’s resolution!) When it comes to cookbooks, we love the ones that are just fun to break open and find a recipe in and that’s what this is.
  • Preppy Kitchen: Recipes for Seasonal Dishes and Simple Pleasures – I really enjoyed this cookbook. There was something truly beautiful about this book, to a point where I could easily see this being added to the coffee table as a display piece for browsing the pages and feeling like you have been transported away. But, this is a cookbook. And it a truly delicious feast for the senses. There were fancy dishes, comforting meals, and everything in between. In many cases, these are classics that have been elevated and yet, this is a cookbook that any home cook might enjoy. The recipe I am most excited to actually try has to be the Apple Butter and Marzipan Bread, while the recipe I made and recommend for foodies everywhere is the Sun-Dried Tomato and Sausage Strata. This Strata recipe might just be the reason I start making Sunday brunch every week!
  • Good & Sweet: A New Way to Bake with Naturally Sweet Ingredients – If there is one thing I love more than a decadent dinner, it would have to be a delicious dessert. And luckily for us, that is exactly what we can make with the Good & Sweet cookbook. Unlike some dessert-centric cookbooks, this one is all about naturally sweetened ingredients so that we are actually adding less sugar to our creations. That is the kind of magic that we can get behind.

When it comes to finding unique gifts for the foodies in your life, why not think of cookbooks as something a little different?

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