Is Five Guys open on Christmas? (2022)

Five Guys, 6820 E. State St., is seen on on Thursday, Oct. 13, 2022, at in Rockford.Five Guys
Five Guys, 6820 E. State St., is seen on on Thursday, Oct. 13, 2022, at in Rockford.Five Guys /

If you’re looking for a Christmas alternative this year Five Guys could be on your radar.

It’s never fun to cook and clean, regardless of the time of year. It’s even more of a hassle if you’re doing so to prepare for a major dinner at your house on Christmas. All that cleaning and prep work can be a nightmare on its own but then you factor in the cleanup on top of everything else, and it makes total sense why some people look for Christmas alternatives.

So if you’re someone who is having second thoughts about hosting or even just making dinner for everyone on Christmas, you may be thinking of just getting dinner from a place like Five Guys. The only problem with that plan is that Five Guys may not be open on Christmas. After all, it’s a national holiday and most places are closed.

Is Five Guys closed on Christmas? (2022)

So if you’re looking to get food from Five Guys this Christmas, you may want to hold off and think of another alternative, because the restaurant chain won’t be open this year on Dec. 25. It is just one of two holidays you can expect Five Guys to be closed on; the other being Thanksgiving.

Just because Five Guys is going to be closed on Christmas doesn’t mean your quest for a dinner that isn’t made at home has to come to a screeching halt. If you’re looking at going out or getting food delivered, Boston Market will have select locations open and will have a specialty menu for the holiday.

If that isn’t sounding too great, you can head over to Denny’s, as they’ll be open on Christmas Day as well. Yet, if all else fails, several pizza locations may be open, like select Domonios’.

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