Ghost Pepper Wings make their return to Popeyes

A Popeye's fast food restaurant with drive thru has been approved for Route 1 south in South Brunswick.Popeyes 20
A Popeye's fast food restaurant with drive thru has been approved for Route 1 south in South Brunswick.Popeyes 20 /

Given how much attention Popeyes has gotten over the last year or so thanks to their immensely popular Chicken Sandwich, it can be easy to forget that they offer much more than just that. In fact, there are several menu items that have vanished that fans really miss.

One of those are their Ghost Pepper Wings. The bone-in wings were first introduced three years ago to much success. While they were just as hot as advertised, the heat wasn’t so overwhelming to take away from the flavor, which people loved.

Now, for the first time in years, it is being reported that the wings are making a comeback. And not just that, but Popeyes has revealed that they are offering them as part of a promotion that may be too good to be true.

Popeyes Ghost Pepper Wings will be available until the middle of February.

For those that need a refresher, Popeyes Ghost Pepper Wings are made from bone-in chicken wings that have been marinated in a ghost pepper spice blend for 12 hours. Then they are battered and breaded in a Southern style coating and deep fried.

To celebrate the return of Ghost Pepper Wings, Popeyes is offering an order of six wings for just $5 if you order online or in the app. That’s less than $1 a wing for those not so good at math. Additionally, fans get 200 Loyalty Points as well, which is nothing to sneeze at.

You say you want some wings delivered? Popeyes has you covered there too. They have multiple offers through their app and website, including six wings for $6 or even 12 wings for $12.

According to Sami Siddiqui, President of Popeyes North America, the chicken chain wants to help fans to stretch those post holiday dollars.

"“Our Ghost Pepper Wings have been a fan favorite amongst our guests, combining the perfect amount of spice and flavor for wing lovers. The holiday season can be tough on everyone’s wallets, and we’re so excited to bring back Ghost Pepper Wings at an incredible value that can’t be beat.”"

Ghost Pepper Wings will be back at Popeyes nationwide until February 12, 2023.

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