Pop-Tarts introduces new shareable Valentine’s Day treats

Pop Tarts Bites. Image courtesy Kellogg's
Pop Tarts Bites. Image courtesy Kellogg's /

Pop-Tarts usually aren’t always the first thing to come to mind for Valentine’s Day. The brand is continuing to surprise us, though.

While Valentine’s Day is usually marketed towards the candy industry, breakfast fans don’t have to worry. This year, Pop-Tarts is making sure you get your fill and some if you’re looking to hand out treats.

Additionally, the company is introducing a delicious flavor for these Valentine’s Day pouches which is Frosted Sweet Swirl Cupcake. Considering how many sweets are centered around the holiday, that’s a solid choice.

Thankfully, we at Guilty Eats were given a sample to taste and we have a lot of thoughts about Pop-Tarts’ foray into Valentine’s Day treats.

Valentine’s Day is even sweeter with new Pop-Tarts Bites for 2023.

As mentioned above, I was graciously sent a sample of these new Pop-Tart Bites so I’d like to thank the company for sending them so I could try and share my thoughts. Let me start off by saying that this is a genius idea.

The Frosted Sweet Swirl Cupcake Pop-Tarts Bites come in a portable box with 28 packs total. Each pack contains the Pop-Tarts bites along with a place to write who you’re giving them to. There is the signature Pop-Tarts blue package but there are some illustrated hands all holding hearts which is just adorable for Valentine’s Day.

I’m sure you’re probably wondering how these taste and I have to say they’re really good. With a flavor like Frosted Sweet Swirl Cupcake, you want that cupcake flavor with a little bit of icing to top it off and that’s exactly how it is. The bites are pretty sweet, but there aren’t too many in a pack so you won’t end up with a toothache.

Honestly, I could see these being a great snack for the kids in your life or if you’re buying Valentine’s Day treats for your kids to give out. It’s also perfect if you’re a teacher and want to give out something a bit different. Since this came in a pack of 28,  most teachers should be able to get a pack to give out to their students.

As someone who loves Pop-Tarts and Valentine’s Day, this was a match made in heaven. If you’re looking to purchase these, the Frosted Sweet Swirl Cupcake Pop-Tarts Bites are available now and are priced at $11.49 for 28 packs. Honestly, that’s not bad considering how pricey candy can be.

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What do you think, Guilty Eaters? Will you be trying the new Pop-Tarts Bites for Valentine’s Day? Sound off in the comments.