Post Cereal celebrates 100 years of Disney magic

Post Cereal Celebrates Disney’s 100 Years of Wonder. Image courtesy of Post
Post Cereal Celebrates Disney’s 100 Years of Wonder. Image courtesy of Post /

In honor of 100 years of Disney magic, Post Cereal is helping bring a touch of that magic to our breakfast tables with some special packaging, cereals, and even a very special collector’s tin.

If there is one thing we love as foodies, it would have to be breakfast. It is our favorite meal of the day, and it doesn’t matter if we are starting the day with breakfast or enjoying it at dinner time. And cereal is definitely on our list of breakfast must-haves.

With Post Cereal, we have a wide range of delicious options to start our day. As a staple of the cereal aisles of any grocery store, Post knows what we want and they always deliver. So is it any wonder that they are partnering with Disney to give us a special collection of magic? We think not.

Post Cereal partners with Disney to celebrate 100 years of the House of Mouse magic

According to a press release from the brand,

"To commemorate the 100th anniversary of Disney (Disney100), Post Consumer Brands is participating in the Disney 100 Years of Wonder celebration with the launch of multiple, limited-edition offerings. As a staple at the breakfast table, Post worked together with Disney to create a one-of-a-kind themed fruity cereal, a new-to-market confetti cake flavored cereal and a special edition collector’s cereal item."

The fruity cereal, which comes in a box featuring a wide range of Pixar and Disney characters, is actually in the shape of mini Mickey heads. The Confetti Cake flavor is actually little balls of fun, with a box that reminds us of the iconic Mickey Mouse Club. Finally, there is the collector’s tin which costs $40 and might just be the true must-have of the entire partnership.

Why you may ask. That is because,

"Inside the metal case, fans will find a special edition cereal box featuring a retro design inspired by Post and Disney’s first collaboration on Post Toasties cereal in 1934. The metal tin, which retails for $40, represents a time capsule that inspires fans to remember and appreciate the start of Disney."

Want to celebrate the Disney magic with Post Cereal? Then you will need to check out for the limited edition tin, while the commemorative cereals (the fruity cereal and the confetti cake cereal) will be available in stores nationwide. (Check for these Disney themed boxes wherever you already snag your breakfast cereal.)

We are obsessed with everything about this collaboration. From the cereal flavors to the collector’s tin, every bit of this collection is a must-have for us.

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