Chocolove offers decadent chocolates perfect for Valentine’s Day

Chocolove never disappoints when it comes to decadent chocolates in a wide range of flavors. And for Valentine’s Day they are back with the perfect offerings.

Whether you want heart-shaped chocolates, full size chocolate bars, or something else, Chocolove has you covered. We are longtime fans of the brand, because they deliver quality in every bite. And of course it’s delicious. Both of these things are very important when it comes to our chocolate preferences.

So what exactly do they have for us this Valentine’s Day? Which flavors are bringing the love?

Chocolove delivers decadent chocolate treats perfect for any Valentine

Chocolove offers Delicious, premium chocolate for showing your loved one you care this VDay. Image courtesy of Chocolove

You can never go wrong with heart shaped chocolates on Valentine’s Day. Luckily for us Chocolove has two bags of heart shaped bites in some must try flavors.

The first must try flavor is there Salted Caramel Hearts. These dark chocolate hearts are filled with a caramel that is cinnamon and salted. They are delicious for anyone who likes dark chocolate filled with an ooey, gooey salted caramel delight. The second flavor is their Very Cherry Hearts. These dark chocolate hearts are filled with a cherry purée. And these might just be our favorite bites of all, because that cherry purée is divine.

Then we have their full size chocolate bars that you can actually snag as a 3-Bar Pack. The three flavors in this pack are Cherry Cordial, Raspberry Rose, and Cinnamon Ganache. The Cinnamon Ganache bar is a milk chocolate, the Raspberry Rose is in a ruby chocolate with a hint of actual rose, and the Cherry Cordial is a dark chocolate with a Cherry filling.

Of course, you can purchase the full size bars individually in stores like Whole Foods, Albertsons, and more, while the 3-Bar Pack can be snagged right off the Chocolove website.

We love this brand and the unique flavors that they bring to their different chocolates. So we highly recommend them for Valentine’s Day and beyond. And of course, even if you don’t have a valentine this year, you can always spoil yourself with these delicious chocolates.