Domino’s to add new Loaded Tots to its menu for 2023

Domino’s is among one of the most beloved pizza chains out there. Whether you’re looking for pizza, cheesy bread, wings, or even tater tots, Domino’s has you covered.

If you read that and didn’t even notice the last one, I don’t blame you but it’s a new addition to the menu. While on the whole, the chain hasn’t changed much but now it’s a completely new avenue for the pizza place.

While we don’t have a confirmed date just yet, Domino’s will be introducing something new to its lineup which is Loaded Tots. Maybe it’s just me but I did not have this on my bingo card for 2023. If anything, I thought we’d see something like this from any other fast-food joint.

Regardless, this seems like a new chapter for the franchise as a whole but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Loaded Tots at Domino’s sounds like a delicious yet unexpected addition.

If you’re like me, you were scratching your head upon reading about Domino’s adding Loaded Tots to the menu. I didn’t even know Domino’s was getting into the tater tot market if there is such a thing. Regardless, it does make sense especially with the Super Bowl coming up on February 12th.

At this point, we don’t have a concrete date for when the Loaded Tots will be added to the menu but I do think we’ll see it at the beginning of February. If you’re looking to order them, you’ll be happy to know that Chew Boom shared the flavors and even let us know that the price point is $6.99 per order of tots.

As for the flavors, you can enjoy Cheddar Bacon which features cheese, bacon, and alfredo sauce. If you’re looking for something a bit cheesier, there is the Melty 3 Cheese variety which includes bacon, a cheddar blend, and garlic parm. Lastly, there is Philly Cheesesteak which is steak, peppers, onions, cheese, and alfredo sauce.

Honestly, I don’t know about you but those sound delicious to me but we’ll see if Domino’s can pull this one off. Frankly, I’m just anxious to see how they’ll taste and how they’ll be cooked. All we can hope for is that it comes to our local stores ASAP.

What do you think about Domino’s adding Loaded Tots to the menu? Do you have a flavor you’re excited about? Let us know, Guilty Eaters!