Claire Holt partners with Ferrero to celebrate World Nutella Day 2023 – Interview

Photo: World Nutella Day.. Image Courtesy Nutella
Photo: World Nutella Day.. Image Courtesy Nutella /

Did you know February 5 is World Nutella Day? In honor of the tasty treat, actress Claire Holt has once again partnered with Ferrero to celebrate.

Whether you enjoy Nutella right out of the container, on saltine crackers, on bread as a sandwich spread, on pancakes, or any other way you might enjoy this sweet treat, World Nutella Day lets you do that in style. What we mean by that, is that you can celebrate with other Nutella lovers. And one of those Nutella lovers is none other than The Vampire Diaries and The Originals actress Claire Holt.

In 2022, we spoke to Holt about her partnership with Nutella in honor of last year‘s World Nutella Day. And it was a fun experience that gave us insight into what it’s like to visit the Nutella Café, ways that you can enjoy this sweet treat at home and with the family, and once again we got a chance to ask her a few questions about her love of this delicious and iconic snack spread.

Claire Holt shares her love of Nutella with us in honor of World Nutella Day on February 5

Guilty Eats – What inspired you to once again partner with Nutella for World Nutella Day?

Claire Holt – “Nutella has been one of my favorite spreads since childhood, so I was so excited to team up with them again for World Nutella Day. Last year we perfected the pancake recipe, but this year I think I really nailed the pancake flip and Nutella spread. A hard day at the office but I was willing to take on the challenge ;).”

GE – What’s your favorite way to enjoy Nutella?

CH – “Nutella on almond flour pancakes. So good.”

GE – Do you enjoy savory or sweet treats or even a combination of both?

CH – “I’m a sweet treat girl — I really don’t understand people who choose a bowl of pasta. I will take Nutella every time.”

GE – What are some of your favorite Nutella treats?

CH – “When I went to Nutella Cafe last year I got to try the Nutella banana bread and I still dream about it. The Crepes were amazing too. I don’t think I could ever recreate them so I guess I’ll have to campaign for more cafes!”

GE – And although we have asked before, we have to ask again, what is your Guilty Eat?

CH – “I can’t remember what I said last year! This year I’m going with a large cheese pizza and a molten Nutella cake for dessert. Now I’m hungry.”

Check out this video from last year‘s World Nutella Day, where Claire Holt made pancakes with Nutella spread alongside her children. It’s an adorable video and a great recipe.

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