Jelly Belly is ready for Easter with some fan favorite treats

Jelly Belly candies that are perfect for the mom with a sweet tooth. Image courtesy of Jelly Belly
Jelly Belly candies that are perfect for the mom with a sweet tooth. Image courtesy of Jelly Belly /

If there is one treat that we associate with Easter it would have to be jellybeans. And Jelly Belly is ready for Easter with these returning treats.

We love jellybeans. There is something about these tiny little beans that just makes us happy. And while we can get them all year round, especially with the help of Jelly Belly, there is some thing about jellybeans for Easter that just feels right.

And while it may seem a bit early to be thinking about Easter, the fact that Lent has already started means we are already planning what’s going in our Easter basket. And yes Jelly Belly has made the list. But what from Jelly Belly is going in our Easter basket this year?

These Jelly Belly treats have us ready for Easter in style

Up first is the returning flavor/offering that’s perfect for spring. That is because the Jelly bBelly Spring Mix is back. And if you’ve ever wondered what spring taste like, then you need to try this mix of jellybeans. Among the flavors that come in these pastel colored beans we have cotton candy, lemon lime, pink grapefruit, island punch, cantaloupe, and more. Sounds amazing right?

The other thing we’re excited for is the return of the Baby Carrot Bags! The Easter bunny wishes he had these carrots when he was growing up. The carrot shaped bag features either tangerine jellybeans or you can get the spring mix flavors. Of course, with the tangerine flavor you get a carrot bag that actually looks like a carrot. It’s adorable!

There is also a new offering from the brand that we can’t resist and that just happens to be their Easter greeting cards. Obviously no basket would be complete without a little love from the Easter bunny himself. And what better way to do that then with a greeting card filled with jellybeans. Not only is there a carrot Easter greeting card, but they are also doing an Easter bunny greeting card. And yes, these cards are adorable. We love them both. The fact that they feature jellybeans just makes them a must have for this Easter and beyond.

The fact that we love Jelly Belly means that we need to have all of these in our Easter basket this year. From the greeting cards to the baby carrot bags, and of course the spring mix, these are the jellybeans we have been waiting for all year long. Because for us, there is something special about jellybeans at Easter.

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