Next Level Chef: Which chef’s team has the best chance to win?

NEXT LEVEL CHEF Backplate © FOX 2021
NEXT LEVEL CHEF Backplate © FOX 2021 /

Season 2 of Next Level Chef is already well on it’s way. Three teams, Team Gordon Ramsay, Team Richard Blais, and Team Nyesha Arrington are on a competition journey in order to become the winner and receive the coveted $250,000 prize, as well as a year-long mentorship from all three host chefs.

So far, we’ve seen each team have at least one person get eliminated (Chef Ramsay’s team saw their very first elimination of the season just this week). Some eliminations have been deserving and some have definitely been sad to watch.

Which Next Level Chef host chef’s team has the best chance of winning? Let’s chat about that!

Before we get into our analysis here, let’s take a look at who all of the teams consist of!

Starting out, here is everyone on Team Gordon Ramsay:

  • Cassie Yeung
  • Mark McMillia
  • Michelle Calcagni
  • Preston Nguyen
  • Tucker Ricchio
  • Vincent “Vinny” Alia

Next up, here is everyone on Team Richard Blais:

  • Tineke Younger
  • Mehreen Karim
  • Matt Groark
  • Kamahlai Stewart
  • Darryl Taylor
  • Christopher Spinosa

Finally, here is everyone on Team Nyesha Arrington:

  • April Clayton
  • Nuri Muhammad
  • Shay Spence
  • Omallys “Omi” Hopper
  • Pilar Omega
  • Alex Morizio

So far, Team Ramsay has only lost one team member, Mark McMillia. Team Blais has lost two team members, Kamahlai Stewart and Darryl Taylor. And finally, Team Arrington has lost just one team member, Alex Morizio.

All three teams have had their chance at cooking in the top kitchen, meaning that in the previous week, their team had the winning dish. So let’s completely scrap that particular tid bit from having a say in who we think will be the winning team.

Instead, let’s take a good look at how many of the remaining chefs have either had a winning dish or had their butt’s saved from a blind elimination. From Team Ramsay, obviously speaking, their team has only lost one team member, and it took them nearly three weeks to do so. They’ve cooked in the top kitchen the most. When it comes to Team Blais, they’ve definitely been hit the hardest, already down two chefs. Someone’s gotta take the fall though, right? Sorry it had to be them. Overall, their team tends to lack in some aspects that the other two teams completely soar in and get A+’s in as well. As far as Team Arrington goes, they’ve been pretty middle of the pack, both literally and figuratively. There is definitely one chef on their team who is stronger than the rest of them and will end up saving them more than the one time that he already has.

While we love all of the chefs competing, there are definitely some that are stronger than others and some that are surely weaker than others as well. From Team Ramsay, I’d say that the weakest link is Cassie Yeung and the strongest link is Vincent “Vinny” Alia. From Team Blais, I’d say that the weakest link is Christopher Spinosa and the strongest link is Mehreen Karim. And finally, coming to you from Team Arrington, I’d say that the weakest link is April Clayton and the strongest link by far is Nuri Muhammad.

With all of that being said, I am going with the chalk answer (I am sorry in advance). I truly and honestly believe that Team Gordon Ramsay has the best chance to win.

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Stay tuned for our thoughts on which particular chef from Team Gordon Ramsay has the best chance at winning the ever-so-coveted prize, money, and mentorship! Tune in to all episodes of Next Level Chef every Sunday night at 7PM CST! Be sure to let us know your thoughts down in the comments below on who you think has the best chance at a team and individual win.