Walker’s Shortbread celebrates the legacy of Queen Elizabeth II

Limited Edition Queen Elizabeth II Commemorative Tins. Image courtesy Walkers
Limited Edition Queen Elizabeth II Commemorative Tins. Image courtesy Walkers /

On March 1 just in time for International Women’s Day, Walker’s Shortbread celebrated Queen Elizabeth II and her legacy by releasing Limited edition tins featuring iconic imagery.

Considering the brand has actually had a connection to the royal family and the queen since 1977 when they released their first tin featuring the queen, it makes sense that they would once again choose to celebrate the legacy of Queen Elizabeth II. And in 2017 they were actually granted a royal warrant to be the official shortbread of the royal family. It’s a union that just seems to make sense.

And if you want what is essentially a piece of history, now is your chance to snag one of these beautiful tins of Walker’s Shortbread cookies. There are two tins to choose from or you can snag a bundle with both of the tins included.

So what makes these tins not only special, but also quite beautiful? I would say it is the photography of the queen that stands out.

Walker’s Shortbread released limited edition tins featuring stunning imagery of the late Queen Elizabeth II

According to the press email that we received, here are the two tins available:

  • A Queen Elizabeth II: The Icon Tin – For this particular tin we get exactly what we would expect from one that’s branded as the icon. This tin features the first official photograph of Queen Elizabeth the second. And it truly is iconic.
  • A Queen Elizabeth II: Balmoral Tin – The Balmoral tin features the queen with one of her beloved Corgis and it’s an iconic image that many people will recognize. It’s actually the one that we are in love with the most.

And of course, if you want both of these tins you can snag them as a bundle. It’s a great way to not only get your cookies but also celebrate the life of Queen Elizabeth II in style.

We happen to love Walker’s shortbread cookies and we especially love the fact that they come in tins that we can reuse. But these tins take that idea to a whole new level. And we love that.

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