Pirate’s Booty releases brand new Crunch Attack for all of your snack cravings

Pirate's Booty Crunch Attack. Image courtesy Pirate's Booty
Pirate's Booty Crunch Attack. Image courtesy Pirate's Booty /

Pirate’s Booty is at it yet again with a brand new snack launch! They’ve recently launched their Crunch Attack product which is sure to satisfy all of your crunchy and cheesy snack cravings.

There’s a whole list of Pirate’s Booty snacks that are super delicious, but this one takes on a slightly different take than they’re used to and boy is it worth the try! Stay tuned for more on this delicious new snack as well as some other of their products that are not to be missed!

What is your favorite Pirate’s Booty snack? Have you tried Crunch Attack yet?

Now, we’re all used to the signature cheesy puffs, and we’ve heard about their recent extra cheesy blast versions of a classic snack, but how about something totally different from Pirate’s Booty?

Move the heck over Cheetos because PB is here to knock your snack right off the shelves and make room for their own! Crunch Attack is something that the company is never done before, but it’s definitely something that should’ve been done sooner!

Pirate’s Booty Crunch Attack. Image courtesy Pirate’s Booty
Pirate’s Booty Crunch Attack. Image courtesy Pirate’s Booty /

Great-White Cheddar (get it?) Crunch Attack has got the texture of a Cheeto, but it’s very different from it in many ways (good ways, that is)! Here is just a little bit more about the brand new product and why you must try it:

  • They are baked not fried
  • They are certified Gluten-Free
  • They are Kosher
  • They are peanut and tree nut-free
  • They are totally and completely free of artificial ingredients and preservatives

Here’s what the company themselves had to say all about their brand new (and super delish) product:

"“Great-White Cheddar Crunchy Rice and Corn Puffs feature the delicious white cheddar flavor Pirate’s Booty is known for, now with an exciting crunch that will keep hungry mateys coming back for more with a crunchier texture and shape.”"

Not only are these perfect for polishing off an entire bag during an episode of The Bachelor, they are also perfect to put into your kid’s lunch boxes knowing that you’re putting something both healthy and delicious into it (along with their Cheddar Blast Puffs and Cosmic Smart Puffs)!

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Have you tried Crunch Attack, the brand new Pirate’s Booty snack yet? If so, let us down below! What are your other faves that PB makes? Let’s chat and eat up y’all!