Spring Baking Championship: Easter brings back the Easter Fashion in episode 2

Contestants Rachel Mullen and Ruchit Harneja bake during Round 2, as seen on Spring Baking Championship: Easter Season 3.
Contestants Rachel Mullen and Ruchit Harneja bake during Round 2, as seen on Spring Baking Championship: Easter Season 3. /

Now that the Spring Baking Championship: Easter edition is back in action on the Food Network, it’s time for some fashion! That’s because episode two is all about bunny fashion.

With a title like “It’s Fashion, Bunny,” we already know that episode two is going to be spectacular. And right off the bat, the challenge that our bakers are faced with is taking fashion, trends, and incorporating them into their design work. In particular, the first round is all about nail art, and specifically Easter themed nail art. It’s all about the tarts in this first round of baking, but of course, this is the Spring Baking Championship: Easter so we need amazing designs to go along with those delicious tarts.

It is fashion week in this kitchen, and it is all about bringing the heat. But it’s also about the flavors of Easter. They have just 75 minutes to bake up these “Easter tarts that are decorated like a popular nail art design.” We can’t wait to see how they transform the idea of nail art into the perfect tart of spring and of course Easter.

It’s fashion week on the Spring Baking Championship: Easter

So what exactly did our bakers whip up in this first round of baking? And what designs did they choose to replicate inspired by nail art?

  • Ruchit – Chose animal print for a tart of “Coco sablé, vanilla creme pâtissèrie, and raspberry pâte de fruits.”
  • Timothy – Chose the floral design to make a tart of “cherry Key lime tart with toasted meringue.”
  • Sammy – Went with the geometric design for a tart of “kiwi lime with avocado mousse, apple, and dragon fruit.”
  • Kevin – Opted for the springtime swirls design for a baked dessert of “vanilla pastry cream shortbread tart with fresh fruit.”
  • Josh – Went with the ombré effect to make an “orange and chocolate tart with oranges and grapefruit.”
  • Henderson – Chose the checkered pattern to create a “guava Key lime puff pastry tart.”
  • Rachel – As the final person getting their nail art design, Rachel was left with the Chevron pattern. And she whipped up a “Shortbread tart with peanut butter chocolate ganache.’

After the first round, the best baker of the bunch was Henderson with his checkered design. He also earned an advantage in the second round because of his tart work.

For the second round, it is all about making a Wearable and Edible Easter bonnet. The bakers need to create a Wearable hat that they can model on a runway out of a specific theme of fashion such as bohemian, Victorian, sunrise to sunset, and more. Since Henderson earned the advantage, he was able to pick his fashion theme first. And he went with the feathers.

Considering this challenge is as much about a functional piece of wearable art, as it is creating, a delicious, baked good, this is going to be one of those rounds that will truly make things difficult for these bakers. At the same time, some of the designs are absolutely amazing. While they must keep them in an Easter style, there is a lot of flexibility with these fashion themes.

Everyone had to rock a mini runway, and then the judges got to pick sweet treats off of the hats. It was a great display of fashion, although there were some highs and lows.

Sadly, even though our bakers made some amazing fashion creations, someone had to go home once again. And the baker who got sent home on this episode of Spring Baking Championship: Easter was none other than… Rachel.

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