Graham Slam by Turkey Hill is back with a chance to win

Turkey Hill Graham Slam. Image courtesy Turkey Hill
Turkey Hill Graham Slam. Image courtesy Turkey Hill /

You scream I scream, and we all scream for Turkey Hill ice cream. Okay, maybe that’s not exactly how it goes but the brand has a returning favorite I’m sure most of us are dying to get our hands on.

If you didn’t know, Turkey Hill has been at the forefront of the ice cream game for years and each year, the company always tops itself. I mean having a mystery flavor that we didn’t find out until later was a stroke of genius.

That’s why I was so excited when the brand reached out to me and asked to share that Graham Slam was returning to the brand’s lineup for 2023. After years back in their freezer, Turkey Hill is bringing it back out to share with all of us and honestly, I couldn’t be happier.

Unlike the brand’s other delectable dairy treats, you might have to work a little bit harder and run a few bases if you’re looking to get your hands on some Graham Slam prizes upon its return.

Graham Slam by Turkey Hill is back with the chance to win a prize pack, too.

Turkey Hill
Turkey Hill Graham Slam. Image courtesy Turkey Hill /

Before getting into the prize, you might be curious about what the flavor is if you’ve never heard of this before. Personally, I hadn’t before now but I am dying for some. In the press release from Turkey Hill, the brand shared that it’s graham-flavored ice cream with chocolate marshmallow cups and even a graham cracker swirl. Honestly, I love smores so this is a home run for me.

If you’ve been excited about this flavor return, you’ll be happy to know that you can head to this website and all you have to do is answer 4 trivia questions. From there, you’ll be entered to win a prize pack that features 4 tubs of Graham Slam. Honestly, I feel like that’s a pretty amazing deal if you’re able to answer the question.

Either way though, I know I’ll be adding Graham Slam to my grocery list. This ice cream just screams summer to me so I feel like it’d be perfect on a cone while you’re spending a hot day outside or just want something to cool off. As someone who is a Pennsylvania native too, I couldn’t help but not want to feature Turkey Hill’s newest release.

I feel like this is great if you didn’t get a chance to enjoy the flavor before it went into the vault and now, you’re able to enjoy it again. Either way, if you’re a Turkey Hill fan, I’m sure you’re excited to find out about the return of Graham Slam!

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What do you think, Guilty Eaters? Are you excited about the return of Graham Slam? Let us know.