19 greatest McDonald’s menu items of all time

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NEW YORK, NY – FEBRUARY 09: A man walks past a McDonald’s in lower Manhattan on February 9, 2015 in New York City. McDonald’s Corporation has said sales in January fell a worse-than-expected 1.8%. While the fast-food restaurant chain said U.S. and Europe sales showed signs of improvement, Asia sales slowed. McDonald’s is facing new completion from trendier and more health conscious fast food chains like Chipotle Mexican Grill and Shake Shack. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

McDonald’s had been the innovator of fast food for decades, and while they’ve created some clunkers, the Golden Arches have also created some true gems.

McDonald’s, the legacy fast food chain that is either loved or loathed, no in between.

Throughout its history, the Golden Arches has certainly been an innovator in the fast food marketplace, from its burgers to its knick-knacks such as the McCafe. In McDonald’s test kitchen, workers are constantly trying to innovate the chain’s menu even further, with some being a success, and others, relegated to the crevices of history.

While we have already detailed, at great length no less, all of the bad that McDonald’s has clunked out over the years, we felt that it was time to be a bit positive to the chain and ranked their best menu items. Granted, not everyone will find everything on this list worthy of being here, and that’s cool.

With that, we ask you to comment below what’s your favorite McDonald’s menu item.

Now, with that little nugget out of the way, this list will be composed of menu items that are all-time greats, and some that many would be shocked would be here. Nevertheless, these 19 menu items are McDonald’s best, so, sit back, grab your Big Mac, and let’s get into it!

FanSided Staff contributed to this report.

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