The Taco Bell Cravings boxes are going deluxe in 2023

Taco Bell new value menu for 2020, photo provided by Taco Bell
Taco Bell new value menu for 2020, photo provided by Taco Bell /

If there’s one thing Taco Bell has perfected, it’s the fast-food box meal. I know that box meals haven’t been the most popular, but the chain has mastered it.

Ever since the $5.00 box was introduced, it was always a good value. While the price has increased since then, the value is still there.

In 2023, the fast-food chain is taking things up a notch. The Build Your Own Cravings box was such a hit and now it’s going to be even bigger. The “Classic Combo” box featured a specialty item, a classic item, a side, and a fountain drink.

There were a few changes for the “Deluxe Build Your Own Cravings Box” so let’s get into what you can get with this latest revamp to a beloved Taco Bell item.

The Taco Bell Cravings Box is deluxe with options and its price.

Currently, a classic Cravings box will run you about $5.99 while the Deluxe version will run you around 3 dollars more at $8.99. However, there are a few key changes that might make this a better deal for certain customers who are looking for a bit more variety.

For the first option, you can either get a grilled cheese burrito, Doritos cheesy gordita crunch, a chalupa supreme with steak, or a burrito supreme. Then for the second item, you can choose between a beefy melt burrito, a beefy 5-layer burrito, or a bean burrito. The other options require an upcharge but you could get a Doritos locos taco or a crunchy or soft taco supreme.

Then for the “third” item, you get the same choices as the previous one, and then for your “side,” your options are chips and cheese, a cheesy roll-up, or Cinnabon Delights. Lastly for a drink, you have all the typical choices. While there are more options, it’s clear that a lot of my fellow Taco Bell lovers will be clamoring for this option.

While Taco Bell is still on the lower end of fast-food pricing, it can get expensive. That’s why these craving boxes have always been a mainstay when I’m ordering. Since they’re so customizable too, it’s a good choice if you’re not sure exactly what you want. Having a little bit of everything tends to take the guesswork out of it.

I’m a fan of the original Cravings box as I feel like it’s a pretty good deal. Even so, I’d love to know your feelings, my fellow Guilty Eaters.

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