Chocolove makes it easy to spoil mom on Mother’s Day

Chocolove Limited-Edition, Handmade Chocolate Truffles Mother’s Day Collection. Image courtesy of Chocolove
Chocolove Limited-Edition, Handmade Chocolate Truffles Mother’s Day Collection. Image courtesy of Chocolove /

There are a lot of chocolate brands on the market, but if you’re looking for a next level treat for mom on Mother’s Day, you may want to give Chocolove a try. For us, this is a brand that consistently delivers high-quality chocolates in a unique variety of flavors.

Ever since we were first introduced to the Chocolove brand, we have found ourselves falling in love over and over again. Not only do we love their chocolate bars, but we also love their truffles. Basically, whatever they put out for a holiday or special event, we need to try it.

With Mother’s Day falling on May 14, we are already on the hunt for the perfect way to spoil Mom this year. And what better way to do that than with next level truffles crafted by a master Chocolatier?

Luckily for us, just in time for Mother’s Day, Chocolove has two perfect options for mom. So what are this year’s option?

Chocolove is ready to help us spoil mom for Mother’s Day

Obviously, this is not the first time that the brand has gone all out for Mother’s Day. In fact, we wrote about their truffles last year. So what did they decide to do this year? According to the press email we received, here are the two options that they recommend specifically for mom on Mother’s Day.

"Mother’s Day Truffle Assortment: A box of 12 assorted truffles in six flavors: Orange Blossom & Mandarin Gelee in Dark Chocolate, Vanilla Seed Ganache in Dark Chocolate, Saffron Ganache & Hazelnut Praline with Crumbled Biscuits in Milk Chocolate, Lavender Ganache & Apricot Gelee in Milk Chocolate, Raspberry Rose Ganache & Hibiscus Gelee in Ruby Chocolate and Ceylon Tea & Orange Blossom in Milk Chocolate.Marc De Champagne Truffle Assortment: A box of seven assorted truffles in two flavors: Ruby Chocolate Marc de Champagne with Popping Candy + White Chocolate Marc de Champagne with Popping Candy."

Honestly, we love both of these options. We love that these truffles are perfect for spoiling mom with, and we love how unique the flavor profiles of each of these assortments is. No two truffles are the exact same and that’s an amazing thing. You can’t get these flavor profiles from other brands, so we definitely think that Mom would feel spoiled with these.

What do you think of Chocolove and their assortment of Mother’s Day truffles? Are you going to spoil mom with chocolate this year?

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