Could there be a Brisk Banana flavor in the future?

Brisk Blood Orange. Image courtesy Brisk
Brisk Blood Orange. Image courtesy Brisk /

If there’s one thing Brisk does great at, it’s making quality iced tea. I know I’ve drank at least a gallon of their lemon-iced tea.

In addition to the brand’s new Blood Orange tea, I’m a fan of Brisk. There is one flavor I never thought I’d see the company embrace though and that’s banana.

Since it’s almost National Banana Day though, then it would make sense to think about Brisk and banana coming together for an unprecedented flavor of iced tea. I don’t know about you, but I’ve honestly never thought about these two coming together before now.

Regardless, I must be in the minority because my fellow Brisk fans are excited about the prospect of what could be.

Could we get a Brisk Banana flavor in honor of National Banana Day?

As I mentioned, National Banana Day falls on April 19th, 2023 and on that day, the company is asking fans to give their input. As shared via the company: “Brisk will be posting banana-themed content on its TikTok around 9am ET on Wednesday, April 19. Fans will have 48 hours to cast their vote by liking the @drinkBrisk post on which will feature Brisk’s very own recipe developers “going ape for banana” and encouraging fans to vote/like.”

If you’re a fan of the idea of Brisk Banana becoming the real deal, then you know what to do. I mean I don’t know if I’d campaign for it, but I know I’d try it. I never even thought of this until I saw it in my email. Regardless, I do enjoy Brisk tea and bananas separately so I’m curious how they would be together. Then again, maybe this will end up being made and we’ll all find out if it’s delicious.

I mean with the brand teasing it, I almost feel like we’re just waiting on an announcement. You never know with companies though. Regardless, I feel like it’s incredibly fun to see Brisk having some fun with its loyal fans and gauging interest. I know that some ideas can be hit-or-miss and I wish more companies would employ this strategy.

Either way, I do feel like the company has something up its sleeve. Then again, I guess we’ll see what happens on National Banana Day. Even if you’re just a fan of the original offering, I’d love to know what you think or if you’ve ever thought of these two coming together.

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How will you be celebrating National Banana Day? Will you be visiting Brisk’s TikTok? Share with us, Guilty Eaters!