Spring Baking Championship season 9 episode 7: Breakfast and chocolate pie

Judges Kardea Brown, Duff Goldman, Nancy Fuller and Host Jesse Palmer, portrait, as seen on Spring Baking Championship, Season 9.
Judges Kardea Brown, Duff Goldman, Nancy Fuller and Host Jesse Palmer, portrait, as seen on Spring Baking Championship, Season 9. /

Food Network’s Spring Baking Championship was back with episode 7 of season 9. And this week, it was all about breakfast in bed muffins and chocolate pie. The bakers had to step up their game because the judges were not playing this round.

The Pre=Heat challenge was all about showing a loved one you care with breakfast in bed. The bakers had to make a tower of muffins with any flavor of their choosing.

Molly made raspberry yogurt parfait muffins, Clement made bacon, honey, fig, and walnut muffins, April made strawberry bellini muffins, Christian made bloody Mary muffins, Josh made maple bacon, and pecan muffins, and Luke made loaded oatmeal muffins.

All the muffins sounded amazing, but the judges thought that April did not do nearly enough and they weren’t in love with Clement’s almost-raw bacon on top of his muffin (and who can blame them?!). But who came out on top? That was Molly!

Spring Baking Championship was all about breakfast, chocolate, and love this week

In the Main Heat challenge, the bakers had to make a chocolate pie using a specific kind of chocolate. And because Molly won the first challenge, she got to pick which chocolate everyone received. Molly chose dark chocolate for herself while Christian got ruby chocolate, Luke received almond chocolate, Clement got blond chocolate, April ended up with milk chocolate, and Josh got white chocolate.

What did the bakers make with these chocolates? Some of them made truly extraordinary chocolate pies with chocolate decorations. Molly made a dark chocolate silk pie with chocolate bird’s nest on top, April made a chocolate cream pie with a chocolate cinnamon ganache, and Josh made an extraordinarily beautiful white chocolate pie with a toffee crunch and brandied cherries.

Luke made an almond chocolate pudding pie with an almond chocolate whipped ganache and a speculoos crust. Christian made a ruby chocolate mousse pie with strawberries and dragon fruit and Clement made a chocolate tart with blond chocolate ganache and hazelnut praline crunch.

Josh and Clement really outshined the other bakers with their chocolate work. Their chocolate flowers and sculptures were truly extraordinary.

But who won the round? That was Clement! It was going to be difficult for anyone to outdo his chocolate work.

Someone also had to go home and this week, it was April. She just could not compete with the level of skill of the other bakers.

Next week, the remaining bakers will have to make blind date mashup desserts and cheesecakes with flavors from around the world.

What did you think of this week’s episode of Spring Baking Championship? Did you agree with the judges’ decisions? Let us know in the comments below!

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