Late July adds Green Goddess chips for limited time

Late July Green Goddess Tortilla Chips. Image courtesy Late July
Late July Green Goddess Tortilla Chips. Image courtesy Late July /

Food trends come and go yet the green goddess dressing is still alive and well. It’s even in tortilla chips including the Limited Edition Late July Green Goddess Tortilla Chips.

When most people think of flavored tortilla chips, their mind goes to one place. For most of us, it’s Doritos. As we very well know though, Doritos are not the best or healthiest option for snacking.

That’s where Late July comes in. The brand is putting a spin on your favorite tortilla chips with more quality ingredients and even a new limited-edition flavor. We have all the details to share on this latest snack from Late July and we even got a chance to try it.

If you’re a fan of green goddess dressing or if you’re looking for an alternative to your favorite with better ingredients, then these Late July Green Goddess chips might be for you.

Late July introduces new limited-edition Green Goddess tortilla chips.

As someone who is not a huge salad eater, I was a bit nervous about trying these chips. Even so, I decided to try them and honestly, they weren’t bad. To me, they tasted similar to Doritos but felt less greasy. As I’ve never tried the Green Goddess dressing, I had no idea how the flavor was going to be but I ended up enjoying them.

They had a slightly brighter flavor than you might think due to the lemon. You can also taste the hints of garlic and parmesan but I do think basil is the flavor that sticks out most. Either way, it was a good chip and is one that frankly hasn’t stuck around my house long as everyone has been munching on them.

To me, these chips would honestly go great with a summer salad. Whether you’re looking to add some crunch or are making a taco salad, this variety from Late July would be a good companion. I also feel like this flavor would go well with some dip too. Then again, these green goddess chips are good on their own so it’s up to you.

While chips aren’t exactly great for you, these Late July chips are free of artificial flavors, colors, and non-GMO so that’s something pretty great. I think if you’re headed out to a picnic or a barbeque, then you really can’t go wrong by grabbing a bag of these. Regardless of how you decide to enjoy these, they’re out now for everyone to enjoy.

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Will you be trying the latest from Late July? Are you a fan of Green Goddess dressing? Share with us, Guilty Eaters!