Jeni’s banana bread flavored ice cream is coming for a limited time

You’re Gonna Go Bananas For Jeni’s NEW Ice Cream Flavor. Image courtesy of Jeni’s
You’re Gonna Go Bananas For Jeni’s NEW Ice Cream Flavor. Image courtesy of Jeni’s /

We love Jeni’s ice cream and we love the fact that they are all about unique flavors and offerings. And their latest flavor is inspired by a classic treat that we all know and probably even baked during the pandemic—banana bread.

That’s right, the latest flavor innovation from Jeni’s is inspired by one of our favorite baked goods. The limited edition Homemade Banana Bread ice cream will be available both in pre-packed pints and at their ice cream shops themselves.

According to the press email we received about this limited edition flavor, fans of the brand will be able to snag this flavor in stores starting on April 27 (rewards members got early access to the flavor from April 20 until the 26th).

So what makes this flavor more than just a banana ice cream?

Jeni’s ice cream releases limited edition Homemade Banana Bread flavor

The flavor of this ice cream is described as featuring “ultra creamy banana custard, chocolate chip banana bread pieces, and lots of walnuts.”

It’s exactly what we expect from a classic, baked banana bread load but transformed into an ice cream. And considering how popular banana bread seems to be thanks to TikTok, the pandemic, and basically just our own nostalgia, it just makes sense that Jeni’s decided to channel that magic into a new flavor of ice cream. (Honestly, we can’t believe the brand hasn’t done this flavor before this.)

We can’t wait to try this flavor for ourselves and honestly, we think this could become our new favorite ice cream. Since we already love banana bread and we even love banana bread with chocolate chips in it, we think this could be a must for our freezer this summer.

What do you think fellow foodies? Are you excited for a new flavor of ice cream from Jeni’s? Will you give the Homemade Banana Bread flavor of ice cream a try?

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