Crumbl Cookies introduces their new Cookie Journal in their app

Ferrero Launches New Mother's Cookies x Crumbl Cookies Collab. Image courtesy of Ferrero
Ferrero Launches New Mother's Cookies x Crumbl Cookies Collab. Image courtesy of Ferrero /

Crumbl fans rejoice! The next level cookie company is giving you a new way to rate and track your favorite cookies in their app.

Fans of Crumbl Cookie already know that every week we get to try something new in the cookie world thanks to the cookie shop. With any number of specialty cookies being offered, and new cookies popping up all the time, you might want to keep track of your favorites.

So how do you keep track of which cookies made your tastebuds sing? Well thanks to the new Cookie Journal in the Crumbl App, you can not only rate your favorites, but also review them. And with the reviews being public, you can find out what other people are thinking about the different flavors that are being offered every week.

Crumbl Cookies introduces their Cookie Journal in the app

According to the press email we received about the new Cookie Journal,

"Customers can now rate and track cookies, share their tasty takes with other Crumbl reviewers, and earn achievements!"

There is a menu in the journal that lets you “check out your own review history, the
most-loved cookie flavors, popular cookies, the current lineup, and more!”

Basically, this is a way to not only keep track of both your favorite cookie flavors, but also the ones that really didn’t do it for you. And not only that, but the Cookie Journal is also a great way to find out what others think of these cookies as well. Maybe you will find a new favorite thanks to someone else’s suggestion. Or maybe you will realize that one flavor won’t be as delicious as you thought thanks to an unexpected ingredient.

We recently had our first ever experience with Crumbl Cookies and we admit that this is one of those brands that we need a way to keep track of the cookies we love (the chocolate chip will always have our heart, but the triple chocolate is definitely in contention for a silver medal). The fact that things change weekly means that sometimes the cookies we love may not always be available, so knowing which cookies we enjoy and which to skip is great for those times when you just want a sweet treat you already know you appreciate.

What do you think of this new in-app Cookie Journal? Will you be utilizing this tool for yourself? Are you a fan of these cookies? What’s your favorite cookie flavor?

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