Velveeta and Compartés Chocolatier partner up for TruffVels

Velveeta Truffvels. Image courtesy Velveeta
Velveeta Truffvels. Image courtesy Velveeta /

Everyone has a favorite cheese sauce but nothing holds a candle to Velveeta. The brand known for its delicious cheese is working with Compartés Chocolatier for TruffVels.

Before getting into what these products actually are, can we take a moment and appreciate that name? If you’re wondering how a brand most linked to cheese came to partner with a chocolate company, then we’ve got all of the cheesy details.

Compartés Chocolatier and Velveeta teamed up together as a way to combine two undeniably delicious flavors which are chocolate and cheese. Considering that Velveeta is known for being creamy and most people love smooth chocolate, it was a no-brainer.

If you’re as curious as I am about these, especially the flavor, or just want to know the shell of it, TruffVels might end up in your cart before the end of the day.

Velveeta and Compartés Chocolatier work together for TruffVels.

With a name like TruffVels, there are so many questions to pop into your mind. My first was uh, cheese and chocolate? How will that work and thankfully, we have an answer. According to a press release: “TruffVels consist of Compartés sweet white chocolate paired with the creamy delicious bite of VELVEETA for a unique sensation unlike any other. The iconic custom shell-shape is made to mirror VELVEETA Shells and Cheese and was created by infusing VELVEETA cheese sauce into Compartés award-winning chocolate to create a match made in culinary heaven.”

Velveeta Truffvels. Image courtesy Velveeta /

Somehow, that sounds weirdly deliciously but the best combinations are often unexpected. As you can see by the picture above, they look oddly similar to a normal Velveeta shell and even share a similar color.

To me though, the most interesting thing is how well these two products go together. It might be the packaging or my love for cheese and chocolate, but they just look expensive. Speaking of expensive, you can purchase these now with a 5-pack of TruffVels for $24.95. While it might seem a bit pricey, it is good chocolate and we all know how good Velveeta is on its own.

Most notably, the TruffVels are as supplies last so if you’re looking to purchase them, I’d highly recommend not waiting. I know that if I had the extra cash, they’d be in my cart because the first-ever chocolate cheese truffle is a pretty big deal. However, I’d love to know what my fellow foodies think.

Will you be trying out the new TruffVels collab from Velveeta and Compartés Chocolatier? Let us know, Guilty Eaters! 

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