Sparkling Jell-O puts Jell-O and AHA sparkling water together

Sparkling JELL-O. Image courtesy JELL-O
Sparkling JELL-O. Image courtesy JELL-O /

Jell-O is one of those treats that was made for summer. However, the brand is getting an upgrade this summer with Sparkling Jell-O.

You might be curious about what make could make Jell-O sparkling. Thankfully, the brand gave us the scoop and shared the secret to Sparkling Jell-O. Of course, this secret coincided with the brand’s newest product launch featuring AHA Sparkling Water.

These two companies are coming together to give Jello a sparkly new look. To create Sparkling Jell-O, all you need is a new package of the company’s Sparkling Jell-O Mix and ½ cup of boiling water. Once the mixture is dissolved, add in 1 can of your favorite AHA sparkling water and put it in the fridge for 4 hours or until firm.

From there, you’ll be able to enjoy your very own Sparking Jell-O in multiple flavors which sounds incredibly refreshing.

Sparkling Jell-O brings Jell-O and AHA sparkling water together.

Sparkling Jell-O
Sparkling JELL-O. Image courtesy JELL-O /

If you’re curious about Sparkling Jell-O, you’ll be happy to know it should be hitting shelves now until June. If you’re looking to purchase, you might want to know the flavors beforehand which are “Zero Sugar Lime,” “Zero Sugar Lemon” and “Zero Sugar Strawberry.” Of course, that’s not to say you have to stick to those flavors of sparkling water.

If you’re looking for some AHA suggestions, there’s lime & watermelon, blackberry & lemon, and blueberry & pomegranate. Honestly, I feel like there’s a plethora of different options for Sparkling Jell-O so you really can’t go wrong with many combinations. As long as the flavors will complement each other, you should be fine.

Either way, I feel like Sparkling Jell-O would be great to have during Memorial Day, the 4th of July, or just a summer party you’re attending. Even though people have strong feelings about Jell-O, it tends to be a crowd-pleaser. Plus it’s a great dessert to have for people of all ages from ages 3 to 93.

Whether you’re a fan of AHA or Jell-O, it’s nice to know you can combine the two. There is something so fun about the idea of Sparkling Jell-O so I know I’ll be on the lookout for this at my local grocery store.

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What do you think, Guilty Eaters? Will Sparkling Jell-O be on your grocery list this summer?