Flipz is taking us to the state fair this summer with limited edition flavors

Flipz Unveils NEW Churros & Strawberry Shortcake Pretzels Just in Time for Summer. Image courtesy of Flipz
Flipz Unveils NEW Churros & Strawberry Shortcake Pretzels Just in Time for Summer. Image courtesy of Flipz /

When it comes to Flipz pretzels, we know we are in for a treat! From their chocolate covered pretzels to their white fudge covered pretzels, and even their peanut butter stuffed pretzels, there are a lot of reasons why we love this brand. And this summer they are taking things to the next level with two flavors, inspired by the state fair.

Introducing the new Flipz State Fair Churros and State Fair Strawberry Shortcake Pretzels! These two new flavors are available now until September, and are perfect representation of the state fairs and county fairs across the country.

So how does Flipz describe these two new flavors of covered pretzels?

Flipz introduces two new state fair inspired flavors for a limited time

With the churros flavor we get the classic, crunchy pretzel, but this time it is covered in a cinnamon and sugar, churro flavored coating. It is then drizzled with a milk chocolate to add a little extra pep to the flavor. It’s exactly what we would expect from a churro at a state fair.

With the strawberry shortcake pretzel, we get pretzels that have been covered in a sweet cream, strawberry, and buttery cake flavor. All three flavors are exactly what we expect from a classic strawberry shortcake, but done in a way to elevate and enhance the salty pretzels we love.

Honestly, both flavors not only sound delicious, but they also inspire thoughts of sweet state fair treats. And that’s exactly what the brand was going for. For us, the strawberry shortcake pretzel sounds amazing. This is the one we can’t wait to try first. Of course, we love all things Flipz so we will be trying both flavors!

If you were looking for a bit of nostalgia to be added into your snack time, then you need these Flipz pretzels in your life. They will be available in stores such as CVS, Kroger, Albertson’s, and Publix, while supplies last.

So if you love chocolate covered pretzels, and pretzels coated in delicious flavors, then you need to give these new State fair inspired flavors a try. And let us know what you think.

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