Kit-Kat Churro Bars are here for summer 2023

KIT KAT Rolls Out Limited-Edition Churro Flavor. Image courtesy KIT KAT
KIT KAT Rolls Out Limited-Edition Churro Flavor. Image courtesy KIT KAT /

There is something inherently summery about enjoying a churro. Thankfully, Kit-Kat knows what’s up.

The brand is bringing our favorite churro flavor this summer and that’s Kit-Kit Churro bars. If you love Kit-Kat bars, then I’m sure this one will be on your grocery list this month.

Looking at a churro and a Kit-Kat bar, I was a little puzzled. However, Hershey’s brand has never let me down and honestly, it looks tasty. As shared by the brand: “Much like the freshly baked, sweet, doughy treat, KIT KAT® Churro features buttery churro-flavored creme with sugar mixed between the brand’s fan-favorite crispy wafers – bringing that familiar KIT KAT® and churro crunch!”

Even if you were on the fence about this new flavor, I feel like that description shared by the brand is enough to make you at least want to try it.

Kit-Kat Churro bars are a new sweet treat for summer 2023.

KIT KAT Rolls Out Limited-Edition Churro Flavor. Image courtesy KIT KAT /

If the flavor was enough to entice you, we’ve got even better news. These new Kit-Kat Churro bars are rolling out on shelves nationwide in time for National Churro Day. National Churro Day is on June 6th so you’ll have plenty of time to snag a few so you’re able to celebrate.

When I’m going to purchase a Kit-Kat bar though, I always want to know what options I have and thankfully, we know that, too. These sugary treats come in a standard size, king-sized, and snack size which is great for sharing. I’m not saying you have to share these but if you want to, there’s an option.

Maybe I’m onto something here, but I feel like these would go great paired with s’mores. If you’re looking for a unique flavor aside from the classic Hershey’s bar, I feel like these Kit-Kat Churro bars would be a fine substitute. Additionally, you might consider using it for a Kit-Kat ice cream cake.

The possibilities are endless, but that’s what makes trying a new product so fun. Plus it’s a Hershey’s product so it’s definitely delicious. Regardless if you’re craving a churro or want to give a new Kit-Kat flavor a try, then there’s no better time than the present. You might even be able to plan it so that you can visit Hershey’s The Great Candy Expedition at Chocolate World.

Kit-Kat has truly had some unique flavors within the past few years but I feel like Kit-Kat Churro bars hit that perfect sweet spot. It’s still going to give you everything a normal Kit-Kat does while also having a different yet tasty flavor.

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What do you think, Guilty Eaters? Will you be giving Kit-Kat Churro bars a try? Share with us.