Chipotle: College towns that eat the most with a super cool graduation offer

Collegiate Chipotle Power Ranking. Image courtesy Chipotle
Collegiate Chipotle Power Ranking. Image courtesy Chipotle /

Chipotle is the fast-casual Mexican restaurant chain that everybody knows and loves. For some reason, everyone loves it and we have no idea why. For me personally, I could bathe in their queso. Is it possible to ask for a burrito bowl bowl filled with just queso?

Anyways…Chipotle has recently done a super cool survey on which college towns consume the most Chipotle. Also, speaking of college, if you’re a recent grad or will be graduating, they’ve got a super cool reward for you!

Stay tuned to see what graduation reward Chipotle has for our favorite scholars!

Let’s get right into this survey that was recently done by Chipotle!

Here are the Top 20 college towns power ranking that eat the most Chipotle:

  1. Boulder, Colorado
  2. Champaign-Urbana, Illinois
  3. La Jolla, California
  4. Athens, Ohio
  5. Athens, Georgia
  6. Davis, California
  7. West LaFayette, Indiana
  8. Waco, Texas
  9. Lubbock, Texas
  10. Gainseville, Florida
  11. Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  12. Tampa, Florida
  13. Bloomington, Indiana
  14. Santa Barbara, California
  15. Iowa City, Iowa
  16. Tempe, Arizona
  17. Corvallis, Oregon
  18. Tuscaloosa, Alabama
  19. Scottsdale, Arizona
  20. Charlottesville, Virginia

Now, onto the super cool graduation deal for everyone out there. And fun fact! You yourself don’t actually have to be a recent or upcoming grad yourself to participate in said reward.

Starting on May 19, 2023, if you purchase at least $40 in either graduation-themed physical or e-gift cards, you will then receive a $10 bonus code while supplies last. This reward is only available to the first 10,000 customers that choose to do so/participate in it.

If you’re unsure what to order from the delicious fast-casual Mexican chain restaurant, then here are some delicious ideas to consider trying next time:

  • Large Side of Chips and Queso Blanco
  • Burrito Bowl “Your Way”
  • Quesadillas (Online Exclusive) “Your Way”
  • Tacos “Your Way”
  • Kids Meal “Your Way”
  • Large Side of Chips and Guacamole (Yes, we know that it’s extra, so don’t look at me funny)

To date, Chipotle has been able to assist their employees with college and college tuition-related issues and topics. For example, they have since been able to award $14 million in tuition assistance to over 4,800 of their super deserving employees.

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What is your own personal favorite menu item to order over at Chipotle? Let’s chat down in the comments section down below…as always, eat up, be safe, and enjoy, y’all!!