Oscar Mayer renames the “Wienermobile” to the Frankmobile

Oscar Mayer Frankmobile. Image courtesy Oscar Mayer
Oscar Mayer Frankmobile. Image courtesy Oscar Mayer /

Oscar Mayer is known for many things. In particular, the brand is known for its bologna and hot dogs along with the Wienermobile. Speaking of that, the Wienermobile is being rebranded as the Frankmobile.

I don’t know about you, but either name makes me giggle. Regardless, you can’t deny that seeing the Oscar Mayer Frankmobile can make your day. There is something so undeniably funny about a car shaped like a giant hot dog.

However, seeing the new name just adds a new twist to a classic. From its introduction in 1936, we haven’t seen the brand change the infamous “Wienermoble” name but now, times are changing in 2023 along with people’s preferences.

With the newly-minted Frankmobile, the focus is moving to the Oscar Mayer 100% Beef Franks which is not a surprising move by the Kraft-Heinz company.

Oscar Mayer updates the Wienermobile with a new name and more.

Oscar Mayer
Oscar Mayer Frankmobile. Image courtesy Oscar Mayer /

Of all the things on my 2023 bingo card, I was not expecting this but I can’t say that I’m completely surprised. As someone who works in a meat department and is around hot dogs pretty frequently, I will say that Oscar Mayer hot dogs are incredibly popular but the Frankmobile takes it to an entirely new level.

What I love most about the Frankmobile is a tidbit shared by the brand: “What’s more, the Frankmobile is offering “Franks for Franks,” so anyone named an iteration of “Frank” can stop by in real life to get their hands on a coupon for a free pack of delicious Oscar Mayer 100% Beef Franks,” which is honestly amazing. There is something so fun about that concept plus it’s a great way to get people excited.

Additionally, I feel like there’s a major push for companies to be more transparent about what they’re putting their products into. With OM having 100% beef franks as their lead product, that takes some of the guesswork out of it. I mean you ultimately can’t go wrong when you’re shopping for hot dogs and pick up a pack of Oscar Mayer, no matter the variety.

To me though, there is something so wonderfully summery about having an Oscar Mayer hot dog fresh off the grill. Either way, I’d love to know what everyone else thinks about this new look OM is going for.

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Are you excited about the new Frankmobile or are you a die-hard fan of the original Wienermobile? Share with us, Guilty Eaters!