Hot Pockets Square is the ultimate Father’s Day accessory

Hot Pocket Pocket Square. Image courtesy Hot Pocket
Hot Pocket Pocket Square. Image courtesy Hot Pocket /

If there’s one accessory that’s hot this Father’s Day, it’s the Hot Pockets Square. You may have seen it on the brand’s social media.

For now, it looks like that’ll be all we’ll be seeing of it. Less than two days after its release to the public, Hot Pockets Square is now sold out. Honestly, I’m a bit surprised, to say the least.

If your dad is someone who loves to make dad jokes or enjoys a dash of dapperness with their already nice attire, it would have been a great gift. Regardless, it’s clearly been more popular but of course, the tagline for it should have clued us in.

“It’s unexpectedly hot” has never been more true to describe a piece of clothing as Hot Pockets Square somehow managed to sell out within 48 hours of its launch. For Hot Pockets lovers, it should come as no surprise.

Hot Pockets Square was the ultimate Father’s Day gift for 2023.

Hot Pockets Square
Image courtesy Hot Pocket /

Personally, I never thought the Hot Pockets Square would sell out as quickly as it did yet it ended up being an absolute smash-hit. This comes after the resounding success of the Hot Pockets Shorts. It’s honestly incredible to see the brand once again knowing exactly what the market is looking for.

For those who didn’t know, The Hot Pockets Square was a limited-edition item with a limit of one per customer and was a first-come, first-served item. Another major draw was the fact that each purchase came with a coupon for 1, 2-pack of Hot Pockets. I mean if your dad loves Hot Pockets and you were able to snag this, that would be an amazing bonus.

Then again, maybe it would be best to keep it for yourself. Either way, the Hot Pockets Square is sure to turn heads this Father’s Day. Even if you’re gifting it for something other than Father’s Day such as a birthday or anniversary, you can’t tell me it wouldn’t at least make you smile.  My dad doesn’t wear pocket squares, but I know a lot of dads would enjoy receiving this.

If you’re still looking to purchase something for your Dad this year, you can check out Hot Pockets’ other apparel option which is the Rakeem Miles collection. Some of the items featured are a bucket hat, a t-shirt, and even, a button-up.

It’s always sad to be able to miss out on an exclusive like The Hot Pockets Square. Even so, there’s a reason why it’s an exclusive. Then again maybe the company will help us by featuring another run closer to Father’s Day. Regardless, hopefully, you’re able to find an equally as exciting gift for Dad this year or you could always check out the website in hopes of a restock.

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Were you able to snag a Hot Pockets Square before it sold out? Let us know, Guilty Eaters!