Summer Baking Championship season 1 episode 3: S’mores and bike rides

Host Jesse Palmer, portrait, as seen on Spring Baking Championship, Season 9.
Host Jesse Palmer, portrait, as seen on Spring Baking Championship, Season 9. /

Summer Baking Championship was back for episode 3 and this week, it was all about outside summer activities, including camping and bike rides. And while some bakers truly shined this week, for others, it was a struggle bus.

For the Pre-Heat, the remaining bakers had to make a dessert with the flavors of s’mores. But the chocolate they had to use and the flavor of marshmallow was totally random Oh, and the bakers had to work in teams of two.

The teams included Kyle and John, Yohann and Alyssa, Zoe and Carlos, and Anrika and Ally. Anrika and Ally got matcha chocolate and coffee marshmallows, Zoe and Carlos received yuzu chocolate and coconut marshmallows, Kyle and John got ruby chocolate and strawberry marshmallow, and Yohann and Alyssa got passion fruit chocolate and raspberry marshmallows.

Kyle and John made a PB&J tart, Anrika and Ally made a matcha coffee chocolate tart, Zoe and Carlos made a s’mores candy bar, and Yohann and Alyssa made a passion fruit and raspberry fan dessert. None of the bakers did too badly in this challenge. Even Anrika and Ally with the matcha chocolate and coffee did well! Those aren’t exactly a classic flavor combo.

Summer Baking Championship was all about the outdoors this week

But who came out on top? That was Zoe and Carlos. The judges truly loved their yuzu and coconut s’mores candy bar!

On to the Main Heat! For this challenge, the bakers were back on their own and this time, they had to make their own unique version of a Paris-Brest.

This challenge was much more difficult than the first challenge. Based on the judges’ critiques, some bakers struggled with their proportions, their flavors, and finishing the challenge at all.

But they didn’t just need to make a plain Paris-Brest. The contestants also had to incorporate fresh-pressed juice into the bake. The options they had to pick from included beet, tart cherry, concord grape, passion fruit, grapefruit, carrot, apple, and orange juice.

Some of the desserts looked absolutely mouth-watering while others…fell flat.

But who came out on top in this challenge? That was Alyssa with her caramel apple Paris-Brest. I would have trouble not eating this whole thing.

And who went home? There wasn’t even a bottom two this week. Since Kyle only got his choux pastry on the plate and nothing else, he was sent home without any deliberation.

Next week, the bakers will have to make cobbler, crumble, or clafoutis in the first challenge and then need to make a watermelon dessert that looks like a watermelon in the second challenge.

What did you think of this week’s Summer Baking Championship? Did you agree with the judges’ critiques? Let us know in the comments below!

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